With their bodies about 4 inches in length and tails up to 3 inches, Field Mice are small brown omnivorous rodents eating plants, vegetable roots, seeds and berries. They can also reproduce at a high rate.

Field mice tend to build their nests or burrows inside dead trees and logs, in or around wood piles, and piles of debris from plants. They also will make their way into your home in a New York minute. It’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. People provide a lot of food for them and their colony.

Causing damage to leaves and roots of plants is normal. Although not common you could experience some plant loss from a rodent infestation.

Evidence of a possible mouse infestation can include:

  • Urine and droppings
  • Unusual noises—sounds of scratching from walls and ceilings at night
  • Unusual gnaw marks – possibly on drywall, books, and furniture
  • Holes in cabinets, drawers, and walls
  • Is your pet acting strangely? Pawing under the refrigerator or stove? Pets can sense their presence. Mice can hide behind appliances in search of food and water

How to help keep them out:

  1. Keep people food, trash and pet food sealed tightly.
  2. Trim the trees and bushes away from the house
  3. Keep yard clutter free
  4. Check and seal any exterior holes larger than a dim That’s right A DIME!
  5. Keep house clean of spills or dirty dishes and vacuum regularly


If you feel you have an infestation, contact a professional pest control service to help rid you of your rodents. Safe Earth Pest Control can always help! Call us at 214-225-6804