Warmer weather means picnics, BBQ’s, outdoor gatherings and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can carry several diseases. Most commonly known is West Nile but others include malaria, zika, Dengue and yellow fever and can also be harmful to you and your pets.

For example:

When humans are bit by a mosquito, a red itchy bump may appear anywhere they are bitten but pets are more vulnerable to be bit in the ear or nose and can cause skin irritation or even health issues such as heartworm, which can be fatal.

Things To Do to Help:

  1. Trim the foliage around the house – Keep those plants, shrubs and bushes trim.
  2. Clear those mosquito havens – debris, damp soil and even those old firewood logs can be a nesting ground.
  3. Keep the lawn trimmed and clear of grass trimmings, usually 3.5 inches or less.
  4. Watch for standing water – Mosquitoes are attracted to moist areas such as gutters, bird baths and even the kiddie pool. All are prime areas. Change the water regularly and keep gutters clean of debris and water.


While the above will help keep mosquitoes at bay, controlling them after an invasion will require hiring

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