Largest of the household roaches, the American Cockroach is also known as Water Bugs, Palmetto Bugs, and in Texas the Houston Cockroach or Water bug! They average 1.5” but can get up to 2” in length. Reddish brown in color, both male and female, American Cockroaches can fly short distances with their wings.

In the south, American Cockroaches are mostly found outside under mulch, in flowerbeds, drains/sewers and often in humid shaded areas but can come inside if they are experiencing a climate change or a shortage of food.

Indicators of American Roaches:

  • Notice droppings in low lit areas – droppings have ridges on the side with blunt ends
  • Evidence of eggs – dark colored capsules about 8mm in length and stuck to areas underneath or behind appliances and cabinets, or near food sources
  • Musty smell – the excretion of pheromones from American Cockroaches leaves a musty scent
  • Visually observe them – see them running at high speeds from the light to a dark area

How to help prevent an invasion:

  1. Clean countertops and appliances – crumbs in and under appliances can attract American Cockroaches
  2. Check weather stripping – American Cockroaches can enter your home under doors with poor weather stripping
  3. Keep drains clean
  4. Keep sinks and dishes clean
  5. Keep food and trash tightly sealed – including pet food
  6. Seal any gaps or cracks – American Cockroaches can enter homes near switch plates, sockets and drains
  7. Clean spills immediately – vacuum and mop weekly

Hiring a professional pest control service can help eliminate an infestation of American Cockroaches. Contact us at 214-321-2847