Safe Earth Pest Control is a locally owned and operated Rockwall pest control company. Being based out of Rockwall, we have very quick access to Rowlett, Garland, Mesquite, and Dallas, Texas. Safe Earth Pest Control specializes in general commercial and residential pest control, termite control, ant control, mosquito control, (many more), and we take care of your yard too! We control weeds, fertilize, and also help prevent yard pests from taking over. Most companies that fertilize and apply weed control on properties can’t or don’t also help with pest control when they apply. All of our applications include a product for pest prevention.

How We Got Started

How did I get here? That seems to be the favorite question people ask when they meet someone. It may come in another form like: “So, what do you do?” My response is usually something like: “I’m a contract hitman for people and the animal kingdom”. (That’s pest control humor….ish) That seems to elicit a wide-eyed look and afterwards a smirk and “Yeah, ok. Don’t tell me” or “No really, what do you do?” So, back to how we got here or “About Us”. Safe Earth Pest Control is and probably always will be a small family company.  This started when I (Bob the owner and janitor) was just over 5 years old. We lived in a small efficiency apartment after the demise of my parent’s marriage. I owned (at 5…) at Honda 50 motorcycle that was bought for me at a 2nd birthday. My parents LOVED to ride and be outside! I started renting this motorcycle to all of the kids in the complex. 25¢ for ¼ hour $1 for a full hour. I made $300 that summer. I was HOOKED on business. I bought myself cokes, candy, and toys all summer with my own money. I had many winning and failed ventures between there and here including but not limited to:
  • Lawn mowing
  • Paper route
  • Pizza Hut
  • Grocery stores
  • Mobile oil changes
  • Electronics Engineering
There's more than that but I don’t want to bore you. My last gig was an owner/operator of some local Subway restaurants. I was having some trouble getting my pest control company to be responsive to issues we were having because of neighboring restaurants that were unclean or trash cans that were close to the locations. I just thought to myself that I should be able to do a better job than them. They may not be using the right “stuff” or something. That lead to my initial studies in the habits of insects and rodents. After studying as much as I could I started checking into starting a pest control, lawn fertilization and weed control company. I knew I could do better than anyone else because I cared about the locations I was treating. I also wanted to make sure I was not going to hurt the environment with any pest control products that I use.

Where We Are Today

The classwork and on the job training took me a little less than two years of study and testing to get my license and business going. It was an immediate hit with friends and family who didn’t want to pay me for services rendered. ???? The paying customers came a bit slower but very steady. Most weeks I am trying to fit new customers in the schedule as we are usually pretty full with current customers and their referrals. We are very thankful to God and our wonderful customers for our local success. We always try to leave them with a smile and bug free! I now have an on-staff Entomologist who has been in pest control for 50 years. Anything I can’t figure out, he can. Whether you have pests in your house or weeds in your yard, Safe Earth Pest Control is your family owned local pest control company that is happy to take care of your family and your home! I have a wonderful wife, a 10 yo daughter and a 7 yo son that depend on me doing the best for you that I can. That’s exactly what I’ll do.

Call For Your Pest Control Quote

Whether you are in Rockwall, Rowlett, Mesquite, Garland, or Dallas our local exterminators would be happy to come evaluate your home or business for pest issues. Call 1-214-321-2847 Or, you can contact us online and we'll get back to you.