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Ant Control Exterminators

Ants are an ongoing concern for almost every homeowner in Rockwall, Rowlett, and every city across Texas.

Whatever your ant problem, Safe Earth Pest Control has the solution! We pride ourselves on providing exceptional ant exterminator services for Rockwall and surrounding area.

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What is Ant Control?

Ants are a nuisance in gardens, homes, and yards. They can harm your plants, and they make their homes in places where they are not welcome (like your kitchen). They will find their way inside other parts of your home. A little preventive care, though, can make all the difference. We use a variety of strategies to keep ants out of your home.

What’s Involved with Ant Control?

Fire Ant SoldierOur ant control experts take the following actions to pinpoint and exterminate ants in or around your home:

  1. First we have to find some scouts or workers. Typically, they will lead us to an entry/exit point.
  2. Assess the degree to which they have spread throughout the home.
  3. Determine their point of entry. Are they coming through the foundation etc.?
  4. Cater our pest control services to the specific needs of your ant infestation, both inside and outside of your home. This could be bait’s non-repellant liquid barriers, or dust just to name a few.

To stop ant intruders in Texas, it’s important to address each of them depending on their stage of development, their colony size, their colony location, and their specific species.

We understand the importance of a comprehensive approach to ant control, and our experts are equipped to address the unique challenges presented by different ant species and infestation levels. By customizing specific pest control strategies to fit your specific situation, we ensure effective and long-lasting results.

How Does Safe Earth Pest Control Deal with Ants?

Safe Earth Pest Control has complete ant control services in place for indoor and outdoor ant treatments. Once we determine where the colony is located, and the species of ant that inhabits the colony, we can recommend a specialized treatment for ant control, depending on your specific circumstances and the intensity of your ant infestation.

Active colonies can produce anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 ants, and many varieties cause ongoing structural damage, such as Carpenter ants. One species may simply raid your kitchen (Odorous House ants, Sugar Ants), while others may surprise you with their incredibly painful sting (Fire ants).

Interior Ant Control Treatments

  1. Exterior of a home ant pest controlWe will thoroughly inspect for all varieties of ants and how they may gain entry into the house.
  2. We apply a residual dust or liquid product to all openings to plumbing voids, under sink openings, etc.
  3. We apply an interior application that utilizes a safe, synthetic product derived from the chrysanthemum plant.
  4. We may install glue boards for ant monitoring in the kitchen or bathroom and other potential traffic area locations.

Exterior Ant Pest Control Treatments

  1. We treat all weep holes in the active area with residual dust.
  2. We apply a residual and/or micro-encapsulated spray product and/or granules to treat the perimeter of the house.
  3. We will treat all driveway and sidewalk cracks to prevent a highway for insects and ants.
  4. We will treat any bushes or plants close to the perimeter of the home.
  5. We will retreat and recheck all initial applications on our return service.

Call Our Ant Exterminators Today

At Safe Earth Pest Control, our treatments usually last many months. This is why a quarterly plan is best for this area. Most of the time you will not need bi-monthly or monthly services. Of course all of our service plans are warrantied between treatments for the period of the agreement.

If you require an ant exterminator for Rockwall, Rowlett, or surrounding area, Safe Earth Pest Control is ready to help you regain control of your home.

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  • Weephole Treatment

  • Exterior Spider Web Removal

  • Exterior Rodent Bait Box Service

  • Free Loaner Bait Stations

  • Lawn Fire Ant Spot Treatment (30′ radius)

  • Integrated Pest Management

  • Interior Pest Warranty for Your Home

  • Exterior Termite Inspection Every Service

  • Free Termite Colony Treatments As Needed

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What Species of Ants are in the Rockwall & Rowlett TX Area?

The Rockwall and Rowlett area has 5 species of ants requiring ant control:

Fire ant

Fire Ants

One of the most common species of ants in the South is the Fire Ant. In Texas, it’s not whether you have them but where they are. Fire ants are reddish-brown and make nests with no visible signs of an entrance. Fire ants are very aggressive when the nest is disturbed. Fire ants have an estimated economic impact of $1.2 Billion annually in Texas alone.

Fire ants have a painful sting that can cause allergic reactions in some individuals, making them a significant nuisance and potential health hazard. Their ability to thrive in a variety of habitats and their aggressive behavior make them a persistent challenge for homeowners, farmers, and gardeners. Efforts to control fire ant populations include the use of chemical treatments, biological control methods, and ongoing research to develop more effective strategies for managing these invasive pests. Despite these efforts, fire ants remain a formidable and costly problem in the southern United States.

Odorous House Ant pic

Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants are attracted to honey and other sweet foods. They most commonly nest outdoors under rocks, mulch, and other hiding places. They can and do also nest in walls and other interior spaces. These ants smell like licorice when crushed. Also called “Sugar Ants and Little Black Ants”. 1/32 – 1/16″ long.

Odorous house ants can be a persistent nuisance in homes, as they are known to forage for food in kitchens, pantries, and other areas where sweet substances may be present. Their small size and ability to nest in hard-to-reach places make them difficult to eliminate without professional pest control intervention. Additionally, their habit of creating multiple satellite colonies can make eradication efforts even more challenging. Homeowners facing infestations of odorous house ants may need to employ a combination of sanitation, exclusion, and possibly chemical treatments to effectively manage and control these pests.

Big head Ant Pic

Big Headed Ants

Big Headed Ants are small (approx. 1/16-1/8″ long) and redish-brown in color. Big Headed Ants like to make holes in the yard and may have several entry/exit points. These are common in Texas.

Big Headed Ants, also known as Pheidole megacephala, are known for their large heads and powerful jaws, which they use to transport food and defend their colonies. These ants are highly adaptable and can thrive in a variety of environments, from urban areas to natural habitats. Their colonies can range in size from a few hundred to several thousand ants, and they are known to forage for a wide variety of food sources. While they are not typically aggressive towards humans, their presence in yards and gardens can be a nuisance, as they can disrupt the soil and cause damage to plants. Controlling Big Headed Ant populations often requires a combination of baiting, habitat modification, and professional pest control services.

carpenter Ant Pic

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are generally large ants and can be black and orange, brown, or plain black. These ants are mostly nocturnal and will live in hollow trunks, ceilings, walls, and other parts of structures. These ants are a major cause of structural damage. They do not consume the wood they chew but hollow it to make a nest. They can do hundreds of millions of dollars of damage a year.

Carpenter ants are highly organized and work together to excavate wood and expand their nests. They are attracted to moist and decaying wood, making them particularly problematic in areas with water damage or high humidity. Their ability to compromise the integrity of wooden structures makes them a serious concern for homeowners and property managers. It’s crucial to address carpenter ant infestations promptly to prevent costly damage and ensure the safety and stability of buildings. Regular inspection and maintenance of wooden structures can help detect and prevent infestations before they cause significant harm.

Acrobat Ant Pic

Acrobat Ants

Acrobat Ants can be found indoors or outdoors. They can be found in firewood, under rocks, trees, and indoors in areas like electrical wires.

Acrobat ants are known for their distinctive ability to raise their abdomen over their head, giving them their name. These ants are small and typically range in color from light brown to black. They are known to be omnivorous, feeding on a variety of substances including insects, honeydew, and other sweet liquids. When indoors, acrobat ants can often be found foraging for food in kitchens and pantries, making them a common nuisance pest for homeowners. Their ability to nest in a variety of locations both indoors and outdoors makes them a challenging pest to manage. If left unchecked, acrobat ant colonies can grow to significant numbers, resulting in potential damage to structures and food contamination.

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Our local exterminators know everything there is to know about local pests! Let us help you deal with all the common pests in Rockwall, Texas, and surrounds, including ants, termites, rodents, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, and more. No matter what the pest or how big the problem, we will develop a treatment plan designed specifically for the species, degree of infestation, and your particular property, budget and schedule.
A pest-free environment, and a smile on your face, is our end goal.

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