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If you need bed bug removal in Rockwall or Rowlett TX, Safe Earth Pest Control can help you eradicate these annoying insects from your home.

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What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a form of parasitic insect that prefer to feed on human blood commonly called blood suckers. While night is usually their most active time, they also move around during the day.

Even though they aren’t known to pass along any diseases to their hosts, they have been known to cause allergic symptoms, as well as skin rashes. Prolonged provocation by these little creatures has also been known to produce adverse psychological effects.

What Can I Do About Bed Bugs?

First, call Safe Earth Pest Control at 214-225-6804 and arrange for a bed bug inspection. Once a bed bug infestation has been confirmed, you can help the technician by doing the following:

  1. Remove and clean all of the bedding used in the infected room. You may also have to remove or replace the mattress depending on the severity of the infestation. Never take anything out of the room unless it is in a trash bag. All items must be taken directly to a dryer and heated on high for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Empty all furniture in the bedroom that will be treated. Anything in that room or any adjacent room can be infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs have been known to climb into dresser drawers, couches, clothing, and even luggage.
  3. If you sleep anywhere else during the day or evening such as a couch, or day bed, thoroughly clean these as well using the dryer method for items you can move.
  4. Bed bugs can sometimes transfer to your pets’ beds. Have your dog or cat bedding treated with high heat (again in the dryer) for bed bugs and ensure that where they sleep or relax during the day is clean as well. Remember to never move ANYTHING unless it is in a plastic garbage bag. You don’t want to move bed bugs around the home.

How Can Bed Bug Extermination Help Me?

A local bed bug exterminator can help you by determining the location of the bed bugs and treating areas of the home where bed bugs are prevalent. Without knowing exactly how to treat the insect, there is little hope of eradicating them on your own by consistently cleaning and washing. You certainly don’t want to spread bed bugs to other parts of your home.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has a brochure on bed bugs. In it, they strongly suggest that “[if] you want to eradicate bed bugs from your home quickly, it’s best to hire a pest control company that has proven success against these pests. An experienced professional can guide you through the process and ensure you feel comfortable living in your home after a bed bug infestation…”

How Does Safe Earth Pest Control Do Bed Bug Removal?

First, we assure you that having bed bugs is nothing to be ashamed of. Bed bugs can be picked up by visiting restaurants, movie theaters, and hotels.

Next, our exterminators address the bed bugs with synthetic residual products that include dusts and liquids harmful only to the insects which work toward their quick extermination. Bed Bugs are very hardy, and no matter what “snake oil salesmen” tell you, it will take at least two trips for bed bug control. We include a free second trip in our quote because your family matters to us.

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As a pest control company based out of Rockwall Texas, our exterminators provide bed bug removal in the surrounding communities including Rowlett, Garland, and Mesquite.

Reassure yourself that Safe Earth Pest Control can help with your bed bug removal.

Contact us to learn exactly what steps we take to eliminate bed bugs from your homes.

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