Spring and Summer means bringing out the grills, swim suits, fishing poles, fireworks and insects. Black widow spiders are no exception. Especially in the summertime when female black widow spiders lay their eggs within their webs.

Black widow spiders are a year ‘round problem inside and outside your home. Hiding in dark areas and spinning their webs close to the ground to catch their prey, these spiders are highly venomous.

With hundreds of different spider species, black widows have very distinctive markings. With a shiny black body, they have a red hourglass-shaped mark on their abdomen and a single red spot on their back. Baby black widow spiders are white and orange and become black as they mature.

Female black widow spiders can lay up to (if not more than) 400 eggs per sac within her web. The young spiders hatch after approximately 4 weeks and it can take 2 weeks for them to start eating other insects like the adult spiders.

These spiders are meat eating spiders. They will inject their venom into their prey and wait a few days until the insect is soft and liquefied. This makes it easier for them to eat. Some of their diet consists of grasshoppers, June bugs, fire ants, beetles, and scorpions.

Spiders can be difficult to control alone because they get carried on the wind from one location to another, but contacting a professional can help control an infestation.

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