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Buy High Cube Container

Buy high cube container

Shipping containers are one of the most vital components of modern-day shipping, second only to the vessel itself. But their use goes beyond transporting cargo over waterways. Shipping containers have also found a variety of applications in our everyday life, from serving as on-site storage facilities to providing a roof over the head of many households and businesses. Among the different kinds of shipping containers, general-purpose containers are the most versatile. And high cube shipping containers are perhaps the most hallowed class in the general-purpose group.

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What is the difference between a standard container and a high cube container?

High cube shipping containers are quite similar to other members of the general-purpose container group. The main difference is that while standard containers have a height of 8’6’’, high cube containers typically have a height of 9’6’’, hence the name. Furthermore, most standard containers come in 20ft and 40ft. However, our high cube shipping container for sale listing contains, 20ft, 40ft, and 53ft high cube containers.

What are some common applications of high cube shipping containers?

Asides the apparent use, you can buy a high cube container if you need shipping containers for:

  • Storage: When you buy a high cube container for storage, the height difference provides a few cubic meters more storage space. And you get this extra space without increasing the footprint of your storage container.
  • On-site storage: High cube shipping containers are sturdy, weatherproof, and secure, making them ideal for your on-site storage needs. You can even construct an on-site office out of one.
  • Modifications: This container type is versatile enough to fit a wide range of modifications, including sheds, homes, restaurants, kitchens, granny flats, etc. Furthermore, you can buy multiple containers and stack them to create more space. Their extra height creates higher-ceilinged structures that promise better air circulation and more comfort.

Vehicle storage: A lot of dealers buy high cube containers to store their automobiles, especially vehicles that need additional headroom. The properties that make them great for on-site storage also work in the dealers’ favor.

High cube shipping container dimensions

As mentioned earlier, we have three main sizes of high cube shipping containers for sale. They are:

  • 20 ft high cube containers
  • 40ft high cube containers
  • 53ft high cube containers

You can get in touch with our agents for more details about the specifications of each container and pictures.

Contact us to buy high cube containers

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Buy High Cube Container
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