With the growing construction projects happening in Heath, some concerns for new and current homeowners arise concerning insects being relocated to their homes.

While the carpenters are building homes, carpenter ants could be damaging parts of yours. Though, this type of ant doesn’t eat wood like a termite, these ants instead will carve out along the lines of the grain in the wood to build their colonies.

You may see these ants swarming around in the springtime while you’re mowing the lawn. These are the males and future queens. Once they have mated, the males die and the females lose their wings. These females then move on to create a new colony where she may lay her eggs.

A clear sign you may have carpenter ants is if you see what resembles sawdust along an area of wood. This doesn’t have to be in your home, it could be in your yard as well. Carpenter ants can build their colonies on a wood fence or on one of your trees. Usually, trees that already have fungus damaged areas are an ideal nesting ground. They also like to nest in dead branches.

As with any ant, these black or black and red ants enjoy their sugar along with meats and protein, including dog food. Immediately cleaning up spills and keeping food tightly sealed will help keep them away.

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