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Cockroaches Control

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Cockroaches are a common bug throughout the state of Texas including in Mesquite. Cockroaches multiply quickly and are the types of pests you do not want to share your home with for long.

If you find cockroaches in your home, give the exterminators at Safe Earth Pest Control a call. We can safely eradicate the cockroaches in your home and keep them from coming back.

When you call for cockroach control in Mesquite Texas we will come and do a consultation as we need to determine the type of cockroach as well as the extent of the problem.

Generally, cockroaches are attracted to crumbs and food in the kitchen. This is why it is important to keep you home clean and free from crumbs and excess food lying around. Keep surfaces clean, keep your dishes washed daily and ensure pet food and trash bags are sealed tight.

You can also use bait and boric acid in hidden areas such as under your furniture and refrigerator.

In addition, it is important to seal up the entryways into your home. By filling in cracks in your home’s exterior or foundation you can keep cockroaches at bay.

Outside of your home, cockroaches like wood piles, debris, and garbage. So by keeping your yard clean and tidy, you can also help keep cockroaches away from your home.

Sometimes, it is best to call in the professionals. We can quickly handle the infestation and eradicate the cockroaches around your home.

Nobody likes coming into contact with cockroaches. They are the visible definition of the word pest inside your home. They can spoil your food, give you a fright and generally can be quite upsetting.

You don’t have to live with them, and you certainly do not have to deal with cockroaches on your own. At Safe Earth Pest Control, we are experienced in identifying and controlling the cockroach problems in homes around Mesquite Texas. If you have found roaches inside your home, give us a call. We can help!

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