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Cockroach control in Rowlett is just a phone call away. Safe Earth Pest Control has your residence or commercial extermination plan at their fingertips. If you’ve been dealing with a cockroach problem on your own, you know it’s almost impossible to get rid of them. Call in a pro today and get rid of them once and for all.

Just why are German cockroaches so hard to get rid of? The answer is due to their very quick reproduction. It takes only 60 days for an egg to develop into an adult cockroach, and over the span of the next 20-30 weeks, the adult female cockroach can lay 8 clutches of eggs in capsules that contain up to 48 eggs. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see how quickly roaches can reproduce at this rate.

The growth of your German cockroach population is exponential, meaning it can start out as a very small problem and quickly turn into an infestation that is almost impossible to handle on your own. This is the main reason why professional cockroach control is the only effective means for exterminating your Rowlett home or business, however there are other reasons why calling Safe Earth Pest Control is your best defense against an infestation:

- Cockroaches lack natural predators that would serve to keep their population under control.
- Cockroaches are expert at adapting to pesticides and continue to evolve and thrive in places that they inhabit because they quickly learn to avoid chemicals that kill them, and have been known to adapt and eat the very chemicals that once served as extermination methods.
- Cockroaches can survive long periods of time with no food or water, although they rarely have to go without once they find an entrance into a warm and cozy home or building.

Depriving German cockroaches of water is how you can do your part to keep their numbers at bay. This means drying your dishes as soon as they are washed, toweling off countertops, bathtubs and sinks immediately following their use and eliminating all sources of interior and exterior water. While it’s not going to be easy to do so, this will go a long way toward tackling the problem. As a home or business owner, you will still want to contact Safe Earth Pest Control for professional cockroach control in your Rowlett premises.

New treatments target the reproductive systems of female cockroaches so that they are unable to lay eggs, at the same time that they work to kill existing roaches that have started to infest. This double-duty eradication system is the only real effective way that their numbers can be put in check, along with an on-going maintenance plan to ensure that once the problem has been solved, it stays that way.

Call 214-321-BUGS for affordable and effective cockroach control throughout Rowlett. Their safe and effective treatments can be used in homes and areas with small children and pets, so you can feel comfortable about calling them to handle the problem.

Cockroach Control Rowlett
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