There’s plenty to learn when it comes to lizards. Such as, Texas lizards aren’t poisonous and the TCU (Texas Christian University) horned frog is actually the horned lizard.

Are there poisonous lizards? Yes, but not in Texas. Two of the common poisonous lizards are the bearded lizard and Gila monster. These two lizards live in the southwest and prefer dry desert areas. You can typically find them in Arizona, Southern California and throughout Central America.

One of our local lizards has made a name for itself. The horned lizard is the mascot for TCU and because it resembles a frog/toad, locals refer to it as the horned frog. This lizard has 4 spiked horns coming from its head and is generally brown with black spots to blend into its surroundings. It prefers a more open desert living space unlike other lizards in Texas. The horned lizard is also on the endangered species list of Texas. In order to handle one, you must first have a scientific permit.

Ranging in size from 3”-6”, whiptail, anole and gecko lizards prefer a cooler moist area to reside in. Eating on insects (ants, crickets and worms), fruits and vegetables, these lizards can be found under logs, rocks or living in underground holes only to come out at night in search of food.

The majority of lizards will mate in early spring and lay their eggs within 2 weeks. The females will bury their eggs then abandon them without waiting for them to hatch in mid-summer. (And I thought my dog had abandonment issues whenever I left for work.) Lizards go through several stages before becoming an adult: egg, hatchling, juvenile and adult.

A lizards life span can vary. Lizards can live 3-5 years out in the wild while a lizard in captivity can live over 10 years.

Lizards are a natural pest control, though some people may not want them around. Hiring a professional to rid your property of their food source is an ideal solution. We don’t harm lizards and geckos. But riding yourself of their food supply will move them along!

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