Pests are common in Texas. Whether dealing with rodents, insects, bugs, or termites, any home can experience a pest infestation.

Some pests may still appear no matter how well you follow prevention measures. And it is important to attend to a pest problem sooner rather than later.

You may not know about the various pest control services in Texas. Read this guide to learn more about the common services offered by pest control companies.

Hygienic Measures

One of the most basic tips for avoiding pests is prevention. Before pests infest your home, make sure you do not give them any reason to live there.

Pests thrive with easy access to food and a safe shelter to live in where they can breed. Some easy methods for preventing pests are:

  • Cleaning surfaces after eating
  • Properly dispose of food waste like crumbs in a bin and tightly seal it.
  • Washing used dishes and utensils after use
  • Keeping tabletops clean and free from crumbs and food waste
  • Installing fly screens on the doors and windows
  • Make sure bathrooms are free of waste
  • Checking for wall imperfections in the walls and ceilings like cracks and holes

Ignoring basic hygiene will have negative effects on your home. For example, you might experience recurring pest problems, each time in greater numbers.

However, there might be pests that can exist even in the cleanest of conditions. Therefore, it is where you should use more intense pest control methods.

Natural Pest Control Methods

Our methods rely on natural means to curb pest problems. Our methods do not include the use of dangerous products, which often cause environmental problems.

Some natural pest control methods use natural predators and microorganisms.

Natural Predators

Using natural predators as a deterrent for pests has been around since the fourth century B.C. There is no question about its efficiency, as many pest control companies still use this method today.

This technique is commonly used by gardeners who intend to eradicate a pest population without chemicals. A popular application of this measure is when ladybugs are let loose to control the infestation of aphids.


Another natural pest control method popular with gardeners and professional pest exterminators are using micro-organisms on plants.

The method of using microorganisms, however, is a preemptive method. Micro-organisms are effective deterrents against pests, harmful bacteria, and fungi.

Physical Measures

There are many ways to do physical pest control measures. These are the most common pest control services in Texas. The services are more suitable for small farms and homesteads.

Elimination of Breeding Grounds

One of the most efficient ways of exterminating pests is to cut them off where they are coming from. The best place to target them is their breeding grounds to lessen the chances of them multiplying.

However, most breeding grounds are located underground or attached to the walls of your home. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional exterminator to deal with these situations.

Professional pest control companies know the proper way of handling pests in whatever situation. They know the appropriate methods to exterminate pest breeding grounds without causing damage or only minimal damage to your property.

This measure is mostly used for termites, ants, wasps, and bees.

Poison Baits

Poison baits are also an effective way of eliminating pests. The poison used for pest control comes in two forms: granules or a gel or jelly form.

Regardless, the poison should be placed in an area where pests live or pass. Hopefully, the pests will eat the poison or bring the bait to their nest.

Remember to take caution when using poison to deter pests as children or pets might reach them. In addition, poison bait for pests can cause serious health issues when ingested.

Field Burning

Field burning is another measure widely used by farmers throughout the world. They use fire to burn debris and the topmost layer of soil to discourage pests from living there.

However, the burning method has been discouraged since the fire also kills insects beneficial to the ecosystem.

Trap Cropping

Another pest control method in the fields, trap cropping, involves planting decoy crops to lure pests away from the main crop. But, again, it is to trap the pests in one area of the field, making extermination easier.

Farmers tending large land areas do not use this method anymore as most pests can get back to the main crop.

Chemical Pest Control Measures

Chemical pesticides are one of the most proven and effective ways of deterring pests. It is a reliable method that employs several pesticides to prevent specific types of pests like rodents or insects.


Insecticides are products used to kill any insect. These insects include:

  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitoes

Most insecticides are safe for home use and can come in two forms: spray or granules. Both forms effectively prevent pests, but each has a specific purpose.

Spray or Aerosol

You can buy spray bottles at your local supermarket. It can deter most flying house pests like flies and cockroaches.

The spray acts fast, so it immediately affects the insects. However, be cautious when using it and ensure that the room is well-ventilated before spraying.

Granulated insecticides

Granules are best used for pests with colonies or nests that are hard to reach, like ant colonies or nests. This poison also works best for pests that are active in scavenging food.

Pests like vermin will mistake the granules for food and will either bring them home or eat them on the spot.

Insecticides available in the supermarket will not work all the time. In cases where the pest problem has gone out of control, a professional pest control company will help you deter pest infestations.

Professional exterminators use commercial-grade products stronger than those you can buy at the store. They will also use safety equipment and procedures to keep the spraying or extermination localized to the problem area.

Only professionals are allowed to use commercial-grade insecticides that are highly effective in eliminating pests.


Professional pest control companies also use rodenticides.

Rodenticides are stronger than other products as they target cunning rodents that are not easily swayed by suspicious food sources.

Only professional rodent control experts should be trusted to apply these types of products.

Heat Treatment

There may be times when professional pest exterminators in Texas suggest this approach. It is a new technique used in pest control and can deter fleas, bed bugs, and other insect infestations.

During heat treatment, a room will be heated gradually to 131-140˚F. The heat will eliminate any pests at any stage of their development.

Heat treatment is the best option for homes that have kids or pets that you don’t want to be exposed to certain products or those products did not work effectively.


Fumigation is the all-out option for any pest control company. It is a method used for serious pest infestations. It requires sealing the area for 48-72 hours, wherein which the pesticide will be sprayed within the area.

The process of fumigation will not only kill adult pests but can also eliminate eggs or larvae. Because the products used are potent, you will not be allowed to return home until after the pesticide has aerated.

Professional exterminators will only recommend fumigation as a measure of last resort. For example, abandoned homes that will be refurbished or if the infestation has spread to most of your home.

There are different methods by which pest control services in Texas deal with pest control problems. Each service targets a specific purpose to eradicate pest infestation in your home efficiently.

If you need pest control services in Texas, call us now at 214-321-2847, and we will be glad to assist you with your concerns.