They say everything is bigger in Texas and some might say our mosquitoes fit that saying. Truth is, no, our mosquitoes aren’t bigger. Those are crane flies you’re seeing.

Crane flies are a good indicator spring is on the way when you start seeing them in late winter or early spring. This also means mosquitoes are soon to follow.

Unlike mosquitoes, crane flies are not predators. They enjoy sipping on the sweet nectar and sugar from plants and not on you.

You may see these flies as a pest but these long-legged flies are gentle and harmless. Crane flies have nothing but love on their mind. Their life is simple. The adults mate with the females laying eggs for next spring in a moist area like soil, moss or along the sands on a stream, just to name a few areas. However, crane flies are enjoyed by other insects as a tasty meal. Fish, spiders and birds prey on them.

So, next time you see a crane fly just remember mosquitoes are not far behind and it’s time to start taking preventative measures. Call us today to get started. 214-321-2847