There are many types of wasps, but there’s one that fascinates me. The cricket hunter wasp. This wasp does exactly what its name says: hunts crickets.

Averaging about ¾” in length, this black wasp hunts crickets to take back to its nest. While this wasp can sting, it is uncommon to sting a human unless provoked. It will, though, sting the cricket to paralyze it and take it back to the nest where it lays one single egg on each cricket. When the egg hatches the larvae will have enough food to develop from that one cricket. It will mature and emerge from the nest when conditions are favorable. This process could take weeks, if not months.

This type of wasp nests in the ground but it’s not uncommon for them to have a nest inside your home’s weep holes or within the walls. Females may also share these areas with other cricket hunter wasps, building their cricket pile in the hundreds or even thousands.

Cricket hunter wasps can be found inside all year and outside during the warmer months. Inside they can be found around window sills, in bathrooms, and other living spaces crawling on ceilings and walls. If there is an infestation within the walls you may see these wasps emerging from wall openings, air vents or any type of crack or gap around windows. Outside you can see them hunting for food and prey.

Points of entry should be treated and sealed.

Ground nests should be filled in and covered to help prevent the area from being used again.

Seal any cracks in the foundation. Cricket hunter wasps can nest under the foundation and enter the home through any cracks.

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