Cyber Security Expert

Cyber attacks are continuously evolving, and no one is immune from these types of attacks. To protect your business from cyber attacks, you need to take a proactive, strategic approach that involves understanding vulnerability and risk, incident response planning, regularly patching software, activating firewalls, limiting access to sensitive data, and partnering with independent cyber security and Artificial intelligence experts. So, here are some of the ways that a cyber security expert can be valuable for your business.

Develop the Right-Size Strategy

Independent cyber security and AI consultant doesn’t represent any vendors or sell cyber tools, which allows them to help you evaluate your options and establish the technology that is best suited to help guard your business against cyberattacks and keep your data safe.

After your cyber security expert assesses your company’s critical assets and identifies vulnerabilities and threats, they can develop a roadmap that addresses these concerns as quickly as possible and also develop a longer-term strategy for compliance, security, and ongoing control to address changes as your business evolves over time.

Completely Protect Your Data

Cyber security companies work hard to help protect your business from any cyber attacks. Technology alone can’t keep your business safe if you don’t know how to utilize it properly. When you work with a cyber security expert such as Joseph Steinberg, you can take the right precautions to protect sensitive data, and in some cases, recover them. Cyber security firms may recommend an array of security measures to maintain security like encryption, antivirus software, backups, antivirus software, backups, and monitoring and password protection.

Mitigate Business Risks

According to Fundera, approximately 64 percent of enterprises have experienced a web application attack. Fundera also shows that small to mid-size companies spend an average of $7 million per attack. A reputable and experienced cyber security company can help your company mitigate certain risks and prevent data theft, hacking, and identity theft. A cyber security expert can also help identify vulnerabilities and risks that your business may have previously overlooked.

Prevent Successful Phishing Attack

Hackers use a phishing attack to steal business data like login credentials. During this attack, cybercriminals usually act as a trusted entity to trick you into opening a malicious email, text message, or other forms of an online message with a link that will install malware on your system and then to the company’s network. A cyber security expert can help you minimize or eliminate the chances of a successful phishing attack by providing proper tools and guidance to protect you against these crimes.

Train Employees on How to Effectively Handle Cyber Threats

When your employees are properly trained on how to defend against cybercrimes, they can be the first line of defense against cybercrimes. It is important for enterprises to educate their workers on how to identify and prevent a potential cyber attack that could put the company at risk. Companies that specialize in AI and cyber security can help train their workers on safe workplace practices and help them establish a culture of cyber awareness through ongoing education programs.

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