Most people are in for a good surprise when they discover that Vive headsets surpass the best ones in the game. The essence of these units cannot be denied when so many people are constantly giving good reviews on the fantastic and immense listening experiences.

Many people who buy Vive headsets understand the tall order of maintaining them so that they can always perm as well as they did when new. The powerful technology is safe to clean with basic methods using soap and water, but you will need a more intensive formula with continued usage.

Using Our Cleanboxes To Decontaminate The Vive Tech Units

UVC Light Boxes

There are several tools to decontaminate tech gadgets using UVC light, including UV wands and UV lightboxes. The wand is usually available at a much lower price than the box, but it misses several vital features that make it more effective.

The UV disinfection robot is better because it has an automatic system to clean any item you put inside until it is well disinfected and safe to remove. Using it makes sure your skin is protected against the rays that damage the DNA, whereas a wand has a rougher use because you have to find ways to protect yourself against these potential harms manually.

An experiment found that using the wand did not deliver the same amount of results as the box, which means you could easily miss some spots or go over the area more than once. We feel that the UVC clean phone sterilizer is worth every value compared to the wand and is more likely to pay off by allowing a better physical state.

Applications Of UV Sterilization For Cleaning

UV light is usable on several items, including technology like Vive headsets. Previously, this sterilization technology was a lot more common in hospital settings that needed to decontaminate the space to keep an infection under control.

UV sterilization is a valuable trend in society today as we try to cope with all the different Covid strains. There are many options for small, medium, and large-scale cleaning needs, which means there is something for everyone looking to incorporate a bit of this tech in their life.

Benefits Of UV Light Phone Sanitizers

The perks of using UV light goes beyond what you could achieve when using water. UV does not leave the surface damp; instead, it removes all harmful elements and tops the surface with a protective layer that ensures the gadget stays cleaner for longer to prevent frequent cleaning.


UVC light has traditional sources from halogen lamps, which have a more comprehensive range of frequencies and tend to waste a lot of money in energy production. We have focused on using UV light rays applicable in the disinfection process, which means all our gadgets have a lot of capability to save energy and ultimately reduce the overall cost of use. Check out our information online and the list of our ultraviolet light devices available for you to order today.  

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