The old saying “the early bird catches the worm” refers to succeeding by being proactive. But did you know those worms the birds are catching are actually good for your lawn?

Earthworms are not only good for feeding birds, snakes, ants, and fish but they aerate your lawn’s soil as they tunnel through the ground. As they tunnel and slowly move underground they are eating away any bacteria, fungi, decomposing animals or insects, and nematodes. This allows plants and grass to feed on any organic matter, absorb water and breathe easier. But, too many worms can cause less organic matter resulting in your plants and grass starving for nutrients.

A healthy lawn has approximately 10 earthworms per square foot. Worms contain both sex organs but still need a mate to reproduce. Once mated, these worms can produce up to 250 earthworms per year. Laying egg capsules that cocoon the egg, these cocoons hold up to 10 offspring. Though not all offspring will emerge, roughly ¾ survive and hatch 45-60 days after being laid.

After a good rain, you can often find earthworms roaming on top of the soil. This is because water has flooded their tunnels or burrows and they need to surface for air. But, as the day warms and the rain dries up, earthworms retreat back within the soil so as to not dry out and die.

Earthworms travel easier in wet or moist soil and are able to push their castings above ground. Worm castings are the excrement of an earthworm. They contain organic matter and soil that the earthworm has defecated out. Castings found on a lawn are a good sign of a healthy lawn and as the casting dissolves, it works its way back into the soil acting as a natural fertilizer.

If you are an animal owner and know your lawn has worms, it is recommended to watch your animal and keep them from eating any type of worm or animal feces. Animals that eat worms or eat/sniff animal feces are susceptible to roundworms that can spread to humans. Roundworm is a parasite that can cause infections of the intestines in animals and humans.

So, if you prefer to sleep in and get your worms at the bait shop and would like to eliminate the number of earthworms in your lawn, contact Safe Earth Pest Control today. We have plans to fit all your home and lawn pest control needs. 214-321-2847