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Location is a critical element in the success of an event. It's not just about the capacity and budget you have. The place must provide you with the highest amount of added value. In this way, you ensure that attendees enjoy a unique experience, making the event unforgettable. It is essential to know the key aspects that you must take in mind when selecting the ideal space for that special occasion.

Event Type

The first thing you should consider is the type of celebration you are organizing. The requirements for a wedding or other purely social event are not the same as those of a corporate event. A highly effective strategy is to choose a concept for the occasion and develop all the elements around it. If you need an event space in Kansas City, Alejandro Design Studio puts at your disposal an excellent location of 3000 square feet. We can distinguish the following types of events:

  • Corporate Events: are activities designed to meet the objectives of a company around its brand. These can only be internal, or for suppliers or clients. Some of these events are product launches, parties & dinners, or workshops.
  • Fairs and Exhibitions: In this type of event one or several companies show customers and suppliers their different products and services. Each one of those involved has a stand and a specific space to place the sample of their company.
  • Congresses and Conventions: For these occasions, people who have a common interest, such as doctors, engineers, architects, meet. There are central conferences and a series of talks and discussions of interest to the attendees.
  • Social Events: These are commemorative events. The idea itself is not to fulfill a business or professional objective as such, but merely to celebrate. Within this category include birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, reunions, end of the year dinners, or cocktails.
  • International: They are celebrations of cooperation, where people from other parts of the world come. They can be academic, or to develop a specific topic of international interest. In recent years there is a high tendency to replace this type of events with videoconferences or streamings.

It is also essential to determine the date and time of your event. According to that, you will be able to select the decorative style, the type of music, food and atmosphere that it will offer, and you will allow your guests to choose their outfits and dressing code to come to your event.

The Location

The place to select should be as close as possible to your guests. If this is not possible, you should at least make sure that the location is highly accessible. In that sense, the spaces close to the transportation systems are adequate, with parking spaces nearby.

Also, you must decide if the event will be indoors or outdoors, and select a location that suits your specific needs according to the plan. Also consider whether the space provider offers additional services, such as parking service or transportation services.

The Versatility

It is also essential to select a space that suits the type of event and concept you wish to develop. The services, the area, the furniture, everything must be able to adapt to the kind of celebration so that the event develops without problems. If you make any type of convention or training, you must select a space that can be separated into modules to allow the development of activities.

Aggregated services

This is one of the most important points when selecting the spaces where you will carry out your activity. Regardless of whether your event is corporate or social, the key is that you can focus on what is important: the purpose of the celebration.

That is why it is preferable to select space providers that alleviate most tasks. The more additional services you concentrate, the better. To avoid headaches, avoid choosing a provider for each particular thing.

Alejandro Design Studio offers the Best Event Space in Kansas City

In addition to an excellent location, capable of accommodating 60 guests for banquets, or 100 for stand-up events, Alejandro offers a variety of accessories. Our service is designed to be a one-stop shop. That's why the space rental has a chef/catering kitchen, an integrated audio/video system, and a professional bar area.

However, at Alejandro Design Studio we go further and are ready to offer customized services in decoration, catering and additional requirements. Also, all events are planned in a personalized way to help you celebrate your dreams. Get in touch with Nancy today; She will be happy to help you achieve your special occasion.

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