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Pest Control Solutions Dexter MI

Most pest control solutions in Dexter, MI are temporary solutions that don't provide long-term results. If you're looking for a quality service that delivers a one-time solution to pest issues, contact Community Pest Solutions to speak with our team. We can offer a single solution that lasts the entire calendar year for many different pests. Pestfreemi.com

Best Compost Bin


What makes AeromatiCo the best compost bin on the market? Our automatic bin does all the work while you reap the benefits. Add your kitchen or household compost to the bin, add water, and plug in the bin for instant clean organic liquid fertilizer, often called compost tea, which plants absorb immediately on contact.

Slipcover For Ottoman

Did you know you can purchase a low-cost slipcover for an ottoman from Surefit that will make any ottoman look like it was made for your living room? If your dog or cat has rendered your ottoman unfit for use or you're just looking for a way to keep it clean, our washer-safe ottoman slipcovers are an excellent investment. Surefit.com