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Are you experiencing a problem with fleas in your home? Whether you’ve just noticed the very first one or have been dealing with them for some time now, it’s essential that you call a professional flea exterminator in Rockwall to handle the problem.

Fleas can quickly get out of hand and before you know it, you have a full-blown issue on your hands that requires you to pay the expenses of a hotel room while your home is being exterminated. Before your problem gets to that point, call Safe Earth Pest Control at 214-321-BUGS. They’ll quickly get the problem under control so you can get back to life as usual.

Just exactly why is it so hard to get rid of fleas once they’ve made their way into your home? The answer is multi-fold:

Fleas have a very long life cycle as compared with other insects. To complicate this, females can lay their eggs on pets that are highly mobile around your home and property. Eggs laid on your dog or cat can hatch anywhere your pet routinely comes into contact with. They can fall off on your carpets, on your furniture or out on your lawn.

Once scattered around, flea eggs will start hatching after about a week. They can even delay hatching until the ideal conditions are met. After hatching, the larvae spin cocoons in which they develop into the pupae, which typically takes about a week, but can be delayed by as much as 6 months if the perfect conditions are not experienced.

Even after a homeowner is convinced they have their flea problem tackled, months later, pupae can begin developing inside of the cocoons, making it essential that you call in a flea exterminator from Rockwall Safe Earth Pest Control the moment you see the first flea.

Only a single flea will be visible for every 100 fleas in your home. Since fleas infest your home while in various stages of growth, it is essential that you treat carpets, pet beds and furniture tat is in your home as well as your lawn and backyard areas. While you do your part to keep their numbers down, call Safe Earth Pest Control at 214-321-BUGS and let them do their part as well. It’s almost impossible to eradicate fleas from a home without the professional assistance of a flea exterminator in Rockwall.

If you think fleas are just an itchy nuisance- think again. Fleas bite, and can transmit diseases to pets and humans, such as bubonic plague, typhuys, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Call an expert from Safe Earth Pest Control today and rest easy knowing they’ll have the problem in hand in no time. Remember that a very small flea problem can quickly escalate to the point where you may have to seek refuge outside of your home, bringing pets and other family members with you while a flea exterminator eradicates your Rockwall home of the pests.

Take action before things get out of hand.

Call Safe Earth Pest Control today at 214-321-BUGS.

exterminator Rockwall