As we enter into the middle of summer, the next seasonal insects will be emerging soon. The fall army worm is among them.

Despite their name, army worms are actually caterpillars. Measuring in at 1-1.5” in length, this type of army worm is the most damaging to lawns and crops. Army worm moths can lay over 1500 eggs that hatch within 2-3 days creating an infestation. Just 3 army worms eating at the roots of your grass can destroy 1 square foot of your lawn in just days. Imagine if you had an infestation over your entire lawn. Just overnight your lawn would be brown.

“What should I be looking for?”

A green caterpillar with brown or black stripe markings going down its body.

“Where and when should I be looking?”

Early morning is the best time to look. Because they are night feeders, you may find them in the grass, along the driveway or sidewalk or even crawling on your patio. They prefer cooler temperatures especially after a good rain.

“I don’t see any but my grass is getting brown spots.”

There could be a number of things causing this. Having a professional come diagnose the problem is the best solution. But, if you suspect army worms, you can take these measures until a professional can come out and treat with the proper products.

Cut the grass a little shorter. 3-3.5”, then water the lawn extremely well. This will bring the army worms to the surface. Then, it’s important to have a professional immediately treat the lawn.

If you’re experiencing a higher number of birds on your lawn or seeing brown spots throughout it, you may have an army worm or another lawn insect infestation.

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