With fall right around the corner and cooler weather on the horizon, you may start to experience more insect activity in your home. The stink bug is among those looking to bunk with you during the winter.

Stink bugs are ½” long with a brownish grey shield shaped body. They have chewing and sucking mouthparts that they use to feed on plants and crops. Farmers fear stink bugs because they can damage grain, oat and cotton crops during the spring and summer months.

Stink bugs tend to start moving in with you when the weather starts to cool. They first make their way from the trees or plants they have been in and head towards your home. Crawling along the sides of your house, they look for an entry point to make their way in. Once inside, they find a quiet secluded area to spend the winter until making their way back out in the spring.

Often times you won’t even know they are in your home. Stink bugs tend to settle, for the winter, within the walls, crawl spaces or attic. Once they have found their winter resort, they send off an eminent odor signaling other stink bugs to come join them.

Since stink bugs prefer the warmer temperatures if they make their way out into the open areas of your home, don’t worry too much. They don’t bite or sting but if they feel they’re in danger they will emit a foul stench that lingers and that some say is indescribable. This is the same odor that is released when squished.

But remember… like with any insect, where there’s one, there’s more. Just know, if you find one creeping around the house, there are probably many more.

The good thing about stink bugs is that they will only take up space in your home for the winter. They won’t do any damage to your home. They don’t eat during the winter and mating is done in the spring after leaving their winter resort to head back outdoors.

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