We’re almost at that time of year again. Cricket season!

Last fall’s eggs have already begun to hatch and by August and into September, we will see more adult crickets swarming at night.

Nymph crickets emerge from the soil where their eggs were laid in the fall and move to cooler and damp areas in the spring. The immature crickets you see in late spring to mid-summer have yet to develop their wings. You’ll find these crickets hiding out in places like under rocks, basements, plumbing areas and dark crevices.

You can find mature crickets in warm dark areas throughout the day and come out at night to feed and mate.

In large numbers, crickets can damage gardens and plants. They are also extremely attracted to lights. This is one reason you’ll find mass amounts of crickets outside a well-lit building or parking lot during the late summer and mating season.

Male crickets can be heard chirping. This means he’s marking his territory and calling out to female crickets. Once mated, a female can lay anywhere from 150 to 400 eggs at a time.

Here’s a few steps you can take to help control crickets around your home and property:

  1. Seal any entry points a cricket may enter your home – windows, cracks or crevices, along the overhang eaves, door sweeps, garage doors
  2. Minimize outdoor lighting – turn off outdoor lights if they’re not necessary. Crickets are attracted to light
  3. Change outdoor bulbs to yellow instead of white – this helps reduce most insects including flying insects
  4. Tightly seal food – crickets are attracted to dog food also
  5. Seek a professional – professionals can get around the doorways, weep holes, and point of possible entry points

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