This reddish-brown ant (tiny dragon) grows up to 3/8 inches in length and their venom can create allergic reactions. Fire ants may attack anything that they feel is a threat to them or their nest. Their stings create a burning sensation and can be very painful.

Fire ants are not just seasonal but are more active in warmer weather. Their diets usually consist of meats, fruits, vegetables and other insects. Trash cans, gardens, eating areas and even pet food areas are a food source for fire ants. They can even damage household plants and crops.

Fire ants prefer areas that are open and sunny, making their nests in open grassy areas near fences and along the foundation of your home. You may also see mounds near ponds, streams and rivers.

Preventative measures:

  • Keep trash and food tightly sealed
  • Keep yard clean of debris
  • Repair any water leaks
  • Repair any holes or gaps on the exterior of your home
  • Hire a pest control professional to treat your lawn before they attack

If you’re experiencing a fire ant infestation, contact Safe Earth Pest Control to ease the worry of an invasion. 214-321-2847

(If it’s real dragons, we can’t help. Don’t call us don’t look our way. Nothing to see here….)