With the rise of housing in and around the Rockwall, Royce City, Rowlett and Heath areas, to name a few; fire ants are also on the rise.

Fire ant colonies are built underground near homes, buildings and water.
When a new home is being constructed, the soil is disrupted so fire ants must move and create a new nest. Sometimes, not going too far. Under the foundation of a new home could be an ideal new nesting site for them. This could create problems for the new homeowner.

Fire ants, like many other ants, can infest electrical equipment and chew on the insulation causing damage and safety hazards. They can also tunnel from their colony into your flowerbeds and gardens and into your yard. These colonies generally have only one queen but it’s not uncommon to have multiple queens with thousands of workers looking for food and building up their colony.

Fire ants can pose health problems as well. Their stings cause a painful burning itch that can cause an allergic reaction in some people. They can damage plants and lawns as well as spread disease to fruits and vegetables in your garden.

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