There are many types of flies but several thrive in the Texas heat and in the Rockwall, Heath and Forney communities, to name a few areas.

We all know the common house fly and what a nuisance it is and the big horse fly that annoys our livestock; but there’s a couple more you may not be familiar with;
the flesh fly and deer fly.

The horse fly, deer fly and flesh fly are all much larger than the common house fly. Up to 1” longer. But it’s the flesh fly that looks more like the house fly… just bigger.

Let’s take a look at each one to identify what might be annoying you out by the lake or in the barn or even in your own backyard.

House fly:

They are ¼” long with clear wings and 4 dark stripes going down their back. They can contaminate your food and spread parasites and bacteria. They lay their eggs on rotten food or garbage and when the eggs hatch their larvae are called maggots. They don’t bite but are super annoying.

Flesh fly:

They are ¾” long with a black and grey checkerboard pattern on their abdomen and have red eyes. They are scavengers of dead insects or carcasses, feeding on the liquid. Their eggs are hatched within the female. But in some rare cases they can deposit their eggs on an open wound of a host’s body for the egg to hatch. Feeding on the wound’s liquid and flesh. They don’t bite but do spread diseases and bacteria.

Horse fly:

These all black 1” flies have color patterns on their wings and abdomen. The male horse fly is more of a nectar eater than the female who is a blood sucker of animals and humans. Laying her eggs on vegetation over water, the horse fly does bite and can transmit diseases.

Deer fly:

Similar to the horse fly, this fly is ½” long wit clear wings and black and brown patterns with yellow markings on its abdomen. The female deer fly also lays her eggs on vegetation over water and the males are nectar feeders. Both are blood sucking biters.

Whether you live by the lake, out in the country or in town you’re bound to have encountered one or more of these flies. So put the flyswatter down and call Safe Earth Pest Control today. We have plans to fit your needs. 214-321-2847