Have you noticed that spiders really like coming out in the summer? We bet you have! If you were asked what spider came to mind that is the easiest to spot on a web, which would you think of? Our answer is the black and yellow Argiope. This spider is more frequently referred to as the yellow garden spider, zipper spider, or the golden orb weaver. The female is the larger one coming in at around an inch, while the males are about half of that.

You may have noticed their webs in front of your windows or in other areas that get a lot of sun and are not easily disturbed. They get the orb weaver name from the fact that their webs are circular in shape rather than from the shape of their egg sacs. They can make large complex webs, some being around two feet wide. As with most web spiders, they feel the vibrations on the web when an insect accidentally finds themselves caught. They do feed off of these insects, however they do have another way of getting a few nutrients. The yellow garden spider may take down their own web and eat the threads. If there were any really tiny insects or other organic materials, they would also be eating these.

These spiders will only lay eggs once a year, usually in the latter part of summer. The males will find the web of a female and attempt to woo the females by making vibrations. These vibrations would be different from prey and would be more like plucking. Even guys from other species know that women like those sweet vibrations, though we like our vibrations as music. The female can only lay a few eggs, but they can contain between a few hundred to a thousand babies. These are usually around an inch long and brown. Though the eggs hatch in fall, the babies will stay inside the outer sac until spring. Lots of birds and other predators do feed on these sacs if they can get to them, so not many spiders make it to the spring.

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