“Oh, you’ve worked so hard on your lawn. It looks so full and green; I could just eat it up!” says the recently hatched grub worm as he begins eating away at the roots of your grass.

Grub worms are the last thing you want destroying your lawn. They are capable of eating away at the roots, killing the grass in just a matter of days.

Grub worms are the larvae of June bugs (or June beetles) and Japanese beetles that hatch in July and August. These types of beetles lay their eggs throughout your yard after emerging in late spring/early summer to mate. The larvae go through several stages before maturing and emerging the following year to start the cycle all over again.

After the eggs hatch, the larvae slowly start to nibble on the roots of your lawn. Then as they begin growing and hit their 2nd and 3rd stage of life, that’s when they become more aggressive eaters and the results on your lawn begin to show.

Lawns that have a grub worm infestation will start to show brown patches throughout the yard overnight. If left untreated the entire lawn could be damaged before the weekends.

Lawns severely damaged by grub worms don’t come back on their own. Areas effected will need a lot of TLC and re-seeding. Less hit areas may still need re-seeding but with proper lawn maintenance, a grub worm treatment, and watering you can regain your beautiful lawn.

Tips on lawn repair:

  1. Rake and dispose of any dead grass.
  2. Aerate the soil. This allows your lawn to breathe and soak up water easier.
  3. Fertilize and re-seed.
  4. Keep lawn watered and moist until seeds have sprouted and have grown.
  5. Refrain from mowing new grass areas until grass has grown at least 3”.
  6. Hire a professional.

The lawn care specialists here at Safe Earth Pest Control, can give you peace of mind that your lawn will continue to be the best in the neighborhood. We have a routine maintenance program that fits all grass types. Contact us today to get started. 214-321-2847