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Furniture and other home décor add beauty to the home but can’t match the functionality, durability, value, and beauty that quality hand made rugss provide their owners. Also, they have numerous advantages over other common types of machine rugs.

Hand made rugss are exclusive as they provide incomparable value and lifespan that can last for generations, become an heirloom, appreciate over time, and be a magnificent combination of beauty and value.

Is There Any Difference Between Hand-knotted and Hand-woven Rug?

Hand made rugss exist in different incredible categories such as the soumak, chain-stitched, hooked, etc., but the best and majorly known ones are “hand-knotted and hand-woven.” The weaving technique used in manufacturing the Hand-knotted and Hand-woven rug is unique, and this tends to affect their design complexity, texture, quality, and price.

Hand-knotted rugs are always more expensive than hand-woven due to their cumbersome production process. They are mostly made of wool and have more beautiful details. Skilled experts are required in its production because the rug length must allow pile and excess to clip off. Both are good rugs, but choosing which is better solely depends on individual preferences.

Hand-knotted rugs comprise of thousands of knots individually tied to a foundation. After knotting, the carpet comes to life but unfinished until it’s shaved down, finally made ready to use. They have distinguishable front and back; the front is the detailed side looking gorgeous.

Hand-woven rugs are also called flat-weaves simply because they’re very flat. They are woven just like a basket, which implies that both sides look the same, making the rug reversible. They are pileless and also without knots.

Are There Any Benefits Of Handmade Wool Rugs?

Wool is a common material used in the making of some rugs. Handmade wool rugs are popularly used in different homes throughout the places for a few reasons. They come in various vibrant colours and unique styles, adding a warm touch in any space they occupy. Handmade wool rugs are mostly sought after for their durability and soft feel. Also, they are much less expensive compared to their rival – silk. Below are a few great reasons to purchase a handmade wool rug.

Easy To Clean

One of the most fabulous handmade wool rugs features is its resistance nature. The wool material doesn’t absorb soil to well, making it an easy to clean carpet and can be easily cleaned with water, detergent, and brush. Also, it has a repellent feature due to its manufacturing process, it tends to resist dirt and grime, giving no passageway for dirt to penetrate through, and also acting as a barrier to bacteria – no room for germs to breed as well as foul odours.

Natural Dehumidifier

Another excellent benefit of having handmade wool rugs in the home is how they act as mini dehumidifiers. We know handmade wool rugs to absorb water well; also, it can as well remove water vapour from the air, reducing the room humidity. We know they are perfect for bathrooms, but can also fit well in some other places in the home, like the laundry room.

Add Texture to the Home

Handmade wool rugs are made in varieties of styles due to its wide-ranging benefits. It’s very easy to find wool rugs that come in deep piles, construction, bright colours, and geometric patterns. You’d hardly find other types of natural rug with varieties styles and also offering the same comfort level as wool rug does.

The handmade wool rug is worth your investment as it will provide your home with a series of benefit ranging from durability to environmental impact to expenditure. Visit our online store today!

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