Fire ants can be the bane of your existence in Texas and other southern states. Their mounds have for many years attacked children, adults, and animals. We will treat anywhere in the East Dallas and surrounding area including Rockwall, Rowlett, Garland, and Mesquite. These cities especially get a lot of fire ants because of the lake and moisture.

Fire ant colonies start at one colony. Mainly in the spring and fall they swarm usually in the late afternoon and often after a rain. This “swarm” is when the winged ants called “reproductives” leave the relative safety of the nest, mound, or colony and look for a mate. Once a mate is found and accepted by a female, she looks for a suitable nesting site. The male dies shortly after mating because you know, what good are the guys anyway?

Once the female finds a nesting place she likes she will lose her wings and start laying eggs. She will tend to these new babies called “larvae” herself. However, don’t worry, these larvae grow fast! In less than a month the queen will take the egg just laid to full adult. This takes no more than 25 days. After the first set of adults emerge they will start taking care of the queen and her sole job will be to lay eggs which she does very well! A queen can lay 600-1000 eggs a day of new workers, and swarmers or “reproductives”. An average colony of fire ants can contain 200,000 to 400,000 workers and a couple of hundred winged reproductive swarmers. The queen can live 6-8 years and her workers live 4-6 weeks. I guess we know who is doing all the heavy lifting in the colony…

You will be able to tell it’s a fire ant mount very easily. They’re mounds of fluffy like dirt loosely placed and you will not see any holes for enter/exit. They will go into the mound through under ground tunnels.

How we make the ants disappear:

(Because really…. We’re not here to farm the stupid things.)

  • Bait

We will use an expensive special granular bait on the mound which they will take back and feed to the colony. There are many types of these and we will use different types inside or outside your home.

  • Sprays

As pest control professionals we have access to and KNOW HOW to use spray liquids that the ants don’t even know they are prancing through. (Ants prance didn’t you know?) These liquids are not a direct kill but leave a non-repellent residual when the ants or their trails are treated. The ants then take this back to the colony on their body and wipeout everyone else.

  • Dust

Special dusts are also effective as a colony elimination tool. Just like baits and sprays these require knowledge and skill to use properly. Dusts are most often used in wall and other voids where bait and liquid emulsifiable concentrate can’t reach.

  • All of the above

We can and will if needed, use everything at our disposal to eliminate the main colony and any satellite colonies inside your home or in the yard.

Keep in mind that most of the products that you buy today at the local hardware stores are only good for a contact kill of the pest (Sprayed directly on it). These products will also disburse whatever insect you are trying to rid yourself of. There is no point in spending money on that stuff and then having to call us anyway. Save your money and call a pro.


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