Insects and pests aren’t the only ones that can cause damage to your lawn. Squirrels, opossums, skunks, armadillos, raccoons, and moles can also damage your lawn.

Squirrels don’t hibernate so they are active year-round. They typically create a den in a hollowed-out part of a tree but they can also find a way into your home. The pitter patter you hear running in the attic may not be rodents, it may be squirrels. While outdoors, squirrels not only search for nuts they also feed on any vegetation or flowers. They make trails and tunnels through the soil of the lawn. The holes they enter and exit through are about the size of a silver dollar.

Skunks, armadillos, and raccoons can wreak havoc on a lawn searching for grub worms. Each one leaves a distinct calling card that they were there. Skunks will leave holes or divots the size of a quarter. Raccoons are like a kid tearing through birthday presents. Raccoons tear through your lawn like a madman leaving your grass ripped apart and thrown about. Armadillos create a shallow hole in the shape of a triangle. Similar to their snout shape. The holes they leave behind can reach 3” deep and 5” wide. Armadillos will also dig through flowerbeds and gardens, damaging plants and flowers.

Opossums are a bit different that the rest of the lawn damaging animals. Opossums don’t create their own hole or tunnel; they expand on existing sites throughout the lawn. They also will take over another animal’s habitat if the animal has either moved on or died in the dwelling. Opossums can be beneficial to your yard and garden. They not only eat insects, they will clean up any food, trash, or dead animals laying around.

Moles are one of the more lawn damaging animals. Not only can they destroy your lawn but they can destroy anything under the soil. Like your irrigation system. Moles create tunnels beneath the soils and push up the dirt making mounds of dirt while searching for insects. Mole damage is not only extensive but can be expensive to repair.

Keeping damaging animals out of your yard, garden, and flowerbeds can be difficult. There is always an insect, pest, grub worm, slug, or something they are searching for. Humane traps can be placed strategically depending on the type of animal that is causing the damage. Getting rid of their food source will also get rid of them. By taking away the insects, grubs, slugs, and pests these animals will move on in search of food.

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