It’s almost that time of year again. Now that the holiday decorations are put up and the out-of-towners have all gone home, it’s time to start planning what you want your lawn to look like this year.

I’m sure nobody is saying, “I want my yard full of weeds and brown as an Arizona desert.” Everyone wants their yard to be the best in the neighborhood. Residents in Flagstone and Willowcrest Estates have found having a routine lawn maintenance program has improved the health and look of their lawns.

While you’re waiting for the ground to thaw out, it’s important that you do some pre-lawn maintenance. You’ll want to start with the following.

  1. Tune up the lawn mower. Sharpen blades, oil change, check or replace spark plug and adjust to the correct height setting.
  2. Clean any debris throughout the yard.
  3. Rake the grass. This loosens any matting of the grass that the winter weather caused. This also helps with dethatching your grass.
  4. Aerate your lawn. Poking holes throughout your yard will help your lawn breathe easier and allows water and nutrients to reach the roots faster.

Now that you’ve done the pre-maintenance to prepare your lawn, it’s time to start checking the temperatures and temperature of your lawn soil. You want the ground soil to reach 55 degrees before applying any pre-emergent.

Ok, so now the weather is warming up and you’re ready to apply a pre-emergent to help any weeds from germinating as your grass is waking up. But now you start questioning yourself. “How much do I apply?”

“Oh no! Now I have more questions. Should I mow first? Should I wait to mow? Do I need to fertilize? When should I fertilize? How often should I water, mow, and fertilize? What about weed popping up? What kind of herbicide will kill these weeds? What kind of weeds are they?”

If you’re like most people and need to know when, where, what, and how much, contact Safe Earth Pest Control today. We have the answers you’re looking for. We provide a weed and feed service on a routine schedule so you don’t have to worry about it. Let us make your lawn the best in the neighborhood. 214-321-2847