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Lawn Weed & Feed – Rockwell Texas

At Safe Earth Pest Control, we make it easy to have a beautiful lawn. Weeds may not be pests in the usual sense, but controlling weeds one of our services. If you’re looking to get your lawn lush again, good lawn care is essential. We can help! Did you know that proper lawn and weed care is a great way to help eliminate unwanted pests, too? Our Rockwell lawn weed & feed services offer the right blend of nutrients to ensure a lush lawn. By balancing the ‘feed’ with weed control, your lawn will always look its best.

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Fertilizer is a great way to ensure a healthy lawn. Think of it like vitamins. With the right nutrients, you can have a beautiful lawn you will be proud of. By enriching the soil, fertilizer is designed to release slowly and feed from the soil and the roots.

Weed Control

The best looking lawns are lush and free from weeds. Crabgrass, clover and other weeds are common and problematic in Texas. A professional weed control program works wonders on lawns and gardens.

When is the Best Time to Weed & Feed?

Spring is an excellent time to begin the weed & feed program to ensure a beautiful lawn for summer. It is important to not wait until the weeds have taken over for a couple of reasons. First, it is easier to keep weeds at bay when you target them before they’ve had an opportunity to really take hold. Secondly, temperatures in Texas during the summer can be too hot to apply weed and feed. By getting ahead of the problem, it’s easier to keep the weeds away.   You can reclaim your lawn and have the yard you’ve always dreamed of. Give Safe Earth Pest Control a call. We offer free consultations and estimates and love helping people with their lawn and garden needs.

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