When I first heard the name leaf-footed bugs, I thought I heard left-footed bugs. Then after learning what damage, they are capable of doing I thought, “Wonder what right-footed bugs can do?” Oh, to my surprise, they are not left-footed but leaf-footed bugs.

Leaf-footed bugs are often mistaken for assassin bugs, especially when they are still in their nymph stage of life. These adult bugs can be identified by their hind legs. Protruding out of their hind legs, are what appears to look like a little leaf on each leg. They are also a dark brown and approximately 1” in length compared to the assassin bug who is more black and 1.5” long.

Leaf-footed bugs can be damaging to gardens and flowerbeds. They eat fruits and vegetables along with nuts, seeds, and flowers. Females often lay their eggs on sunflowers. She can lay up to 200 eggs before spring is over. Eggs are laid on the leaf or stem of a plant in a straight string-like manner This string of eggs can consist of 10-15 eggs which will hatch within 7-days. It will take 2 months for the nymphs to fully mature into adulthood and move on. Usually moving into your garden seeking food.

Leaf-footed bugs are most active in the fall as they get ready to overwinter somewhere. They are searching for a building, woodpile, or lawn debris to hide out for the winter. Those that survive the winter will emerge in the spring to immediately start mating for a new generation.

There is no health risk with these bugs. They don’t bite but they do stink if you crush them.

Ways to keep leaf-footed bugs out:

  1. Cover garden with netting or mesh.
  2. Clean up all debris.
  3. Keep woodpiles away from structures.
  4. Maintain bushes, trees, and lawn.
  5. Hire a professional.

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