Nobody wants to see a maggot crawling about their home but, unfortunately, it can happen.

Maggots are the larvae of cheeseflies, houseflies and blowflies. Unsanitary areas such as trash, rotting food, feces and animal carcasses can attract these flies. The female fly will lay her eggs on such items and within 24 hours the egg hatches and a maggot emerges. These grey or white maggots only live about 5-8 days before transitioning into a pupa then becoming an adult fly.

Sightings of maggots are more common when the weather is hot. During spring and summer months, flies are more active around dirty and unsanitary areas giving them a breeding ground to lay their eggs. When you see an abundance of flies, it’s best to check for maggots because they do carry bacteria.

Maggots are also a protein food source to other animals. They can be processed to single out the protein which can be added to a feed for fish, livestock, chickens and other poultry.

Tips to help avoid maggots:

  1. Keep trash tightly sealed in bags or bins – rotting food will attract flies and other insects such as ants
  2. Keep food surfaces (countertops and sinks) clean – Hot water with a little bleach can help clean and disinfect these areas
  3. Clean up any pet feces
  4. Wash trash cans out –especially the main trash can you put out at the curb every week. The odor of trash will attract flies which could result in flies laying eggs within the trash can
  5. Keep yard clean – trash and dead carcasses (squirrel, rodent, opossum) will also attract flies

So, if you’re experiencing maggots or any other pesky insect, give us a call today. We have a plan that fits your needs. Safe Earth Pest Control 214-321-2847