Mosquito season is fast approaching. Some may say it’s already here. When temperatures start rising and mosquito eggs that survived through winter begin to hatch, it’s time to call Safe Earth Pest Control.

Those mosquitoes look a little smaller than last years and I don’t see the blood sucking needle hanging out of its mouth. Oh no! Is this a new breed of mosquito? Nope, those are midges.

Midges are smaller than mosquitoes with shorter wings and some species have nonfunctioning mouth parts while others have sharp cutting blade mouth parts. The nonfunctioning midges do not bite and are terrible flyers. They are often blown in off the wind.

The biting midge (aka no-see-ums), have 4 sheathed blades in their mouth that they use when biting. Because they don’t have the needle-like sucker that mosquitoes have, the biting midge injects saliva into the bite site to keep blood from clotting. This also creates the red-itchy bite mark, much like a mosquito bite.

Like the female mosquito, only the female biting midge bites. This allows the protein needed for both species to produce eggs. Eggs will be laid on water for mosquitoes and near wet areas of vegetation or mud for midges.

Both midge and mosquito mating rituals are similar. Both species have a mating swarm where the male fertilizes the female and dies shortly after. The female will then search for a “blood meal” then lay her eggs. These mating swarms are seen in early morning and evening hours.

Both mosquitoes and midges are attracted to human scents, body heat, and CO2. How to protect yourself and home:

  1. Apply personal insect repellant.
  2. Use citronella candles
  3. Wear long sleeve shirts and pants.
  4. Wear light colored clothing. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors.
  5. Keep doors and windows shut.
  6. Replace damaged screens.
  7. Limit outdoor lighting. Use yellow bulbs rather than white. Flying insects are attracted to bright lights.
  8. Remove standing or stagnant water. Repair any leaks.
  9. Hire a professional. Mosquito treatments on a routine schedule will reduce mosquitoes and other flying insects.


Safe Earth Pest Control can keep those pesky flying, biting, blood-sucking nuisances from ruining your outdoor fun. Contact us today. We have plans to fit all your pest control needs. 214-321-2847