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Mosquito Control – Rockwall, Texas

Safe Earth Pest Control offers a full range of pest control services in the Rockwall, Texas area. Mosquito control and extermination is a popular service, especially during the height of mosquito season which runs from about April through October.

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About Mosquitos in Texas

  • Mosquitos are common when temperatures are greater than 50 degrees Fahrenheit on a regular basis. In Rockwall, our busiest seasons for Mosquitos are spring, summer and fall.
  • There are approximately 85 different mosquito species in Texas, including the Culex mosquito which can carry the West Nile Virus. They can also transmit diseases including Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dog Heartworm, Zika and Dengue.
  • By protecting yourself from mosquitos and helping stop the spread of mosquitos, you are also protecting the community. While many people are asymptomatic to the symptoms of West Nile virus and other diseases mosquitoes might carry, for some people especially with weakened immune systems, the symptoms can be a lot worse.

Some years and some areas can be especially bad for mosquitos. If you’re finding you can’t keep them at bay with the common tips above, it might be time to call in the professionals. At Safe Earth Pest Control, our professional exterminators have extensive experience controlling mosquitos and alleviating mosquito problems.

Tips To Control Mosquitos

While mosquitoes are small, they’re not always harmless.  Some people have allergic reactions to mosquito bites and will swell up, while others react to the diseases they can carry.  This is why many residents call us to help them control the mosquito population around their home.   You can lessen the population of mosquitoes around your home by ensuring your yard and surroundings are not an attractive environment for them to live and breed.

  • Use Insect Repellent
  • Where long sleeves and pants at dusk and dawn
  • Use screen doors and windows
  • Drain stagnant water
  • Do water checks around your home. Water can accumulate in old tires, toys, buckets, and even depressions in the yard.
  • Treat your swimming pool regularly and ensure the water is properly circulating
  • Keep yard and grass neat and tidy

In many cases, you might be able to lower the population but it can be hard to eliminate mosquitos entirely from your home. That’s where Safe Earth Pest Control is here to help.  We are Rockwall’s mosquito control specialists and have years of experience eliminating and exterminating the spread of mosquitoes for our clients.

What is Mosquito Control and How Does it Work?

Our goal is to safely control the mosquito population in and around the homes of Rockwall, Texas.

  • Our first step is to visit your home and assess the area. We identify the species of mosquito in your area and the degree of nuisance.
  • We identify the stage of development within the mosquito life and breeding cycle. This allows us to safely and correctly choose the right application.
  • Finally, we spray the area with a professional mist designed to treat according to the species and stage of development.

Mosquito control treatments are designed to work for approximately 3 to 4 weeks and generally will exterminate approximately 90% of the mosquito population. Many of our clients won’t see a single mosquito between services!   Our mist product is safe for animals and children which means once your yard is treated, your family can enjoy your surroundings again.

Mosquito Control in Rockwall, Texas

We’d be happy to have one of our professional and experienced mosquito exterminators asses your mosquito problem.  Call Safe Earth Pest Control.  Our safe mosquito control services are designed to help control the mosquito population safely so you can enjoy your home and yard.

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