Yes, you know where this is going. We all hate those bloodsucking tiny little vampires. Mosquitoes are an irritation on top of being dangerous in more than one way. The only problem is, they don’t make teeny tiny little toothpick size stakes to shoot it at them with a crossbow. We are considering a training facility for mosquito/crossbow/toothpick semi-automatic vampire death machines. Not sure if that’ll work out so let’s talk about them, and how to protect you.


Description and Life Cycle

Mosquitoes are a member of the “flies” order (read family). They grow up to ¼ inch in size, are covered in scales and have long mouthparts just like other flies but they also pierce. Scales? But you didn’t know that! “Is that a mosquito or a snake?” “I’m not sure Bob, let me get out my I.D. book…” Mosquitoes go through what we call a “complete” metamorphosis. What that means is that they cycle like this: egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. Basically 4 stages.


Why are mosquitoes bad?

That’s a good question young padawan. On top of irritating your skin every time they shove their stupid mouth and tongue INSIDE your body, they transmit diseases. These are what we are really worried about. Keep in mind that mosquitoes kill more people than people do and that a lot! It is estimated that malaria alone kills more than 550,000 people per yeah. Probably much more than what’s actually reported. Another almost 195 million people are laid out for days because they are infected with a disease transmitted by these little killers.


What can we do?

Mosquitoes are attracted to mercury vapor lighting, basically incandescent and fluorescent lights. Yellow or sodium vapor lights do not attract them. LED lights work very well at not attracting mosquitoes. The softer the light color the less they attract them. So shoot for 2700K to 3500K light range. Also standing water is very bad for you and good for them. Some things people don’t think of are wheel barrels, unused pots, toys, tires, etc. All of these things will hold water and can produce mosquitoes for you. When you have done all of these things it’s usually still not enough but it does help. We can come and use a high-powered backpack mister to blow a contact kill repellant product to the areas where they are waiting and kill them immediately. We do this service once a month and is not expensive considering the results. Weather conditions dictate a monthly service usually from March to October. Some customer want treatments through November, which is fine. We try our best to save you the most money with the best service available. Call us for your Mosquito Guard Protection now. 214-321-2847. You can visit us at: or your mosquito page at: