The majority of all bugs serve a purpose, from pollenating plants and flowers, aerating the soil, recycling waste, to being a food source to many other insects and animals. But, what about those nuisance pests? Do they have a purpose? You know the ones. The ones that drive us insane. Mosquitoes and gnats.

Mosquitoes can ruin a nice evening out on the patio or a day at the lake. These blood-sucking, disease carrying, tiny-flying insects do have a purpose. Along with the females sucking our blood so they can lay their eggs to populate the mosquito world they also help pollenate flowers.

Moving pollen from flower to flower, this fertilizes and allows new seeds to form. It’s when the female needs to lay eggs that she goes into vampire mode and seeks you out for a blood protein shake.

Their bite wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t secrete their saliva into the bite site. It’s the saliva that carries diseases and creates the bite area to become red, puffy and itchy.

Gnats are also a pesky little nuisance insect that likes to get in your face and annoy you. They do serve a purpose of pollenating flowers but their most important purpose is to be a food source for larger insects as well as to bats and birds.

But why are they always in your face? Truth is… You may have bad breath. Gnats are attracted to carbon dioxide and with the odor of bad breath, it’s easier to sniff you out. They are also attracted to salt and moisture, so if you’re sweaty from working outdoors or from the gym, you may find yourself swatting the air to ward them off.

Unfortunately, gnats are like flies and carry bacteria from decaying food, carcasses, and garbage and when they begin swarming you, that bacteria can transfer onto you. Because gnats like your pretty eyes from the salt of your tears, they may end up flying into your eye and transferring bacteria causing pink eye.

It’s important to keep things clean to keep any insect away. Here’s a few tips:

  1. Clean up all spills.
  2. Seal trash bags and put in a tightly sealed receptacle.
  3. Clean up after pets.
  4. Seal cracks and crevices.
  5. Empty any standing water.
  6. Repair leaks.
  7. Keep trees and bushes trimmed.
  8. Keep lawn free of debris.
  9. Hire a professional.

We, here at Safe Earth Pest Control, understand what a nuisance insects can be. Contact us today and let the only nuisance in your life be “what’s for dinner.” 214-321-2847