Mosquitoes are small flies, about the size of a Midge, that have tube-like appendages (proboscis) which penetrate the skin and suck blood from their hosts.

In doing so, their saliva can also transmit diseases like Zika, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue, and Dog Heartworm to the host.

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What Does Safe Earth Pest Control Do For Mosquito Control?

Safe Earth Pest Control does exactly what our name implies. We help you safely control mosquitoes in and around your home by developing a program specifically designed to address the species near you, and degree to which you are experiencing their presence.

Understanding the different stages of a mosquito's development helps Safe Earth Pest Control choose the right intervention to suit your needs. We use a professional mist application, altered to suit the particular stages of a mosquito’s development.

NOTE: Treatments usually last for 3-4 weeks. We use a portable backpack mister every time we come to give the area a fine mist of product that is animal and child safe. It will eliminate the mosquito population up to 90%. We often get reports of zero mosquitoes between treatments.

How Many Species of Mosquitoes are in Texas?

According to the Texas A&M Agri-Life Extension website in an article titled Mosquitoes of Texas, there are at least 85 species of mosquitoes in the state which have been identified. In the Dallas and Rockwall areas, there are many different species that are prevalent in this area.

Mosquitoes are dependent on water for 3 of the 4 stages of their lives, as indicated in the list below. Every stage but the adult stage requires proximity to water:

  1. Egg - When exposed to water they hatch.
  2. Larva - (Wigglers) Dwells in clear or stagnant water. Sheds its skin and transforms numerous times before surfacing to breathe.
  3. Pupa - (Tumblers) This is the stage just before emerging as an adult. During this stage the pupa does not feed.
  4. Adult - Once the mosquito has completely metamorphosed, and body parts have solidified, it learns to fly very quickly.


Mosquito Control Tips for Homeowners

How Can I Help With Mosquito Control?

Controlling the most common mosquitoes in Rockwall, Garland, Mesquite, and Rowlett areas begin with the following steps by the homeowner:

  1. Once a week empty anything surrounding your home that contains standing water including rain barrels, old tires, rain gutters, plant trays, plastic covers, potted plant saucers, buckets, fountains, wading pools, toys, yard ornaments, and bird baths. This will reduce the habitats in which mosquitoes thrive.
  2. If you have a swimming pool, make sure that it is treated and circulated regularly. This will guarantee that there is no opportunity for the mosquitoes to lay their eggs.
  3. After a rainfall, fill any depressions in your property that have created temporary pools of water. Using dirt to remove these depressions will eliminate another potential breeding location for mosquitoes.

NOTE: Remember to continually empty all the items mentioned in points 1 and 3 above. Ongoing water removal is crucial to eliminate the environment in which they can multiply.

This won’t eliminate mosquitoes entirely from your surroundings.

You need a mosquito control specialist from Rockwall, and Safe Earth Pest Control is here to help!


How Do I Get Started?

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