Weeds are the unwanted pest of a lawn. Though weeds aren’t an insect, bug, or animal, it is still unwanted like ants or spiders in your home. People protect their homes against insects with pest control so why not protect your lawn against weeds with weed and feed treatments.

There are many types of weeds but one of the more difficult weeds to get rid of is nutsedge. Nutsedge, aka nutgrass, is a perennial grass-like weed that begins sprouting in late spring/early summer in weak areas of your lawn.
This type of weed thrives in hot summer weather when temperatures are ideal.

If your lawn has poor drainage or is too wet, this can make things worse for an infestation of nutsedge. These conditions drown the grass roots causing the grass to weaken and creates an opportunity for weeds to grow in weak areas. In summertime, when conditions are drier and grass may weaken and grow slower,  the door opens for nutsedge to take over.

You may feel the need to pull these pesky weeds but that is not recommended unless you want to continue this routine on a regular basis. Pulling nutsedge, or any weed for that matter, creates an opening for new weeds to pop into and take over.

Routine lawn maintenance is key to having a healthy lawn. Keeping your lawn full and healthy can choke out any weeds. Pre-emergent, fertilizer, herbicide, worm treatments, and correct mowing and watering all benefit in having a full and luscious lawn.

Homeowners need to remember, that even with all the maintenance, they could still experience weeds. Weed seeds are transferred from wind, animals, birds, foot traffic, and lawn equipment. It can also take several applications to achieve their lawn goals. Re-seeding weak areas can contribute to choking out weeds.

So, if you see a weed with 3 leaves bending backwards and on a triangular stalk or any weeds, contact Safe Earth Pest Control. We have a specialized lawn weed and feed program that fits your lawns needs. 214-321-2847