If you’re looking for a pest control company in Forney there are a LOT to choose from. Of course, there are always the big big companies. These are the companies that look into a computer and ask you for your account number, which you don’t know. They then go through a series of convulsions and seizures trying to figure out who you are. After waiting on hold for 20 minutes for them to find a manager that is hidden in their office with the door locked so they don’t have to talk to customers, you get to reexplain for 10 minutes that yes, you actually have an account, yes, you still have ants on the kitchen counter and they are in fact now using the microwave from watching you for the last month because the last tech failed to treat your pest problem properly. Company “Alpha” then tells you that it’s not a problem, (because they don’t have ants on their counter) and they will set you up for next week which is their earliest open time. You agree to this because this is your only option and you are now feeling silly for signing up for a year’s service with a company that personally couldn’t care less whether you have Komodo Dragons or ants crawling across your cutlery. Schedule day arrives which is two weeks from next Tuesday, and the only time they had left was 5-7pm. You rushed home to make sure you didn’t miss the tech, and of course 8 o’clock rolls around with no one in sight. With a stern look in the mirror, to yourself you mutter almost indistinctly: “Why am I doing this to myself?” Shaking your head, you walk off despondent googling “Pest Control Forney”. Lots of names pop up but none with the reputation of Safe Earth.

“Reputations come hard and are built brick by brick” you hear from the other end when you called at 7pm Friday night. “We know our customers and care for all of them Nancy, you’re not just a number to us.” “Sign me up!” You say. “We would love to but, we don’t do contracts ma’am. We want you to be here because you want to be here.” The years roll by and they never miss a beat. If you had a problem they come ASAP and not when they wanted to, but when YOU needed it.

I would love to say this is a fictional story but it’s true every day. We go waaaaay out of our way to make every customer happy and bug free. We are LOCAL, FAMILY, and TRUSTED everywhere in the Rockwall, Forney, Rowlett, Royce City area and we aim every day to keep it that was. So call Bob at 214-321-BUGS (214-321-2847) or visit us on our site: www.safeearthpestcontrol.com and see our Forney page here: https://safeearthpestcontrol.com/service-areas/forney-tx/