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Pest Control Rowlett, Texas

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Affordable Pest Control Rowlett Texas

House nice lawnAre you aware that Rowlett, Texas has been experiencing a rise in pest control calls over this past year? Pest infestations are on the rise and it’s a concerning statistic that highlights the need for affordable and effective pest control solutions in the area.

But worry not, because we have the expertise and resources to tackle any pest problem you may be facing. Whether it’s ants, spiders, rodents, termites, and more, our team of highly trained technicians is ready to provide you with customized pest management plans tailored to your specific needs.

So, if you’re tired of dealing with unwanted pests invading your home, keep reading to discover how our reliable and guaranteed pest control services can help you regain your peace of mind. Contact us here or call us at: 214-321-2847

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Safe Earth Quarterly Service Plan

Starting at Only $39.99/mo*

  • Home Pest Control

  • Thorough Inspection at Each Treatment

  • Interior Liquid Barrier as Needed

  • Eaves Liquid Barrier for Spiders and Wasps

  • Exterior Liquid Barrier

  • Weephole Treatment

  • Exterior Spider Web Removal

  • Exterior Rodent Bait Box Service

  • Free Loaner Bait Stations

  • Lawn Fire Ant Spot Treatment (30′ radius)

  • Integrated Pest Management

  • Interior Pest Warranty for Your Home

  • Exterior Termite Inspection Every Service
  • Free Termite Colony Treatments as Needed

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Safe Earth Quarterly Service Plan Plus Termite

Starting at Only $49.99/mo*

  • Home Pest Control

  • Thorough Inspection at Each Treatment

  • Interior Liquid Barrier as Needed

  • Eaves Liquid Barrier for Spiders and Wasps

  • Exterior Liquid Barrier

  • Weephole Treatment

  • Exterior Spider Web Removal

  • Exterior Rodent Bait Box Service

  • Free Loaner Bait Stations

  • Lawn Fire Ant Spot Treatment (30′ radius)

  • Integrated Pest Management

  • Interior Pest Warranty for Your Home

  • Exterior Termite Inspection Every Service

  • Free Termite Colony Treatments As Needed

  • *Click here for additional detail and clauses

Residential Pest Control Rowlett, Tx

Brick House nice lawnResidential pest control plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment. Effective pest control is essential to address various nuisances that can invade homes, ranging from bothersome mosquitoes to destructive termites. In Rowlett, TX, where Safe Earth Pest Control operates, homeowners often face challenges like termite infestations that can compromise the structural integrity of their residences. Termite control is a key aspect of residential pest management, ensuring that these silent invaders are promptly identified and eradicated. With Safe Earth Pest Control, residents can rely on expert services to mitigate the risks associated with termite damage.

In addition to termites, rat and mouse control are common concerns for homeowners. Rodents not only pose health risks but can also cause extensive damage to property. Safe Earth Pest Control offers effective solutions to address rat and mouse infestations, safeguarding homes from potential harm. Our company employs advanced techniques and environmentally friendly methods to provide efficient pest control near Rowlett, TX.

Beyond specific pest threats, a comprehensive residential pest control program should include a proactive approach to address various potential issues. These programs include our most popular service the Quarterly Pest Control plan. Pest control near me is a frequent search query, reflecting the need for localized services that understand the unique challenges of the Rowlett community. Safe Earth Pest Control takes pride in being a reliable partner for residents, offering personalized solutions to combat mosquitoes, termites, rats, and other pests, ensuring a pest-free and comfortable home environment.

Common Pests in Rowlett, TX

WaspsIn Rowlett, TX, common pests such as mosquitoes, rodents, fleas, cockroaches, and wasps can pose a threat to your property and well-being.

These pests can transmit diseases, cause damage to your home or belongings, and create an unpleasant living environment. Mosquitoes are known disease carriers, while rodents can chew through wires and insulation, leading to potential fire hazards. Fleas can infest your pets and cause discomfort and itching; cockroaches can contaminate food and or surfaces with bacteria and allergens. Wasps can be aggressive, and their stings can be painful, especially for those who are allergic. It is important to take proactive measures to prevent and control these pests to ensure the safety and comfort of your property and loved ones.

Mosquitoes in Rowlett

Mosquitoes in Rowlett aren’t only annoying but can also carry diseases like West Nile virus and Zika virus. To prevent mosquito bites, it’s important to eliminate standing water where they breed and wear protective clothing.

Mosquito Protection

In addition to eliminating standing water and wearing protective clothing, there are other measures that can be taken to prevent mosquito bites.

  • Using insect repellents containing DEET, picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus can provide effective protection.
  • Install screens on windows and doors can also help keep mosquitoes out of the house.
  • It is also advisable to avoid spending time outdoors during peak mosquito activity times, such as dawn and dusk.
  • Hire us to use our mister/blower to coat the entire area with a wonderful product that kills mosquitoes but, is not harmful to pets and your family.

By taking these precautions, individuals can greatly reduce their risk of mosquito bites and the potential transmission of diseases.

Rodent issues in Rowlett

Rat PicRodents, such as rats and mice, can cause damage to your property and spread diseases. It’s crucial to identify and seal entry points to prevent their infestation.

One effective way to identify entry points for rodents is to conduct a thorough inspection of your property. Look for any gaps or holes in the walls, foundation, and roof. Pay attention to areas where utility pipes and wires enter your home, as rodents can squeeze through small openings as little as the size of a dime. Additionally, check for openings around windows and doors, and make sure they are properly sealed. It’s important to address these entry points promptly by sealing them with materials like caulk, steel wool, or wire mesh to prevent rodents from gaining access to your property.

Taking these preventive measures can help protect your property from damage and reduce the risk of diseases associated with rodent infestations.

Flea Control in Rowlett, Tx

Fleas in a sticky trapFlea control is a real problem in Rowlett. Fleas aren’t only a nuisance to your pets but can also bite humans and cause itching and irritation. Regular grooming and flea treatments for your pets can help prevent flea infestations in your home.

In addition to grooming and flea treatments for your pets, there are several other steps you can take to prevent flea infestations in your home.

  1. Regularly vacuuming your floors, carpets, and furniture can help remove any flea eggs, larvae, or adults that may be present.
  2. Washing your pet’s bedding in hot water can also help kill any fleas or eggs that may be hiding there.
  3. Regularly check your pets for any signs of fleas, such as excessive scratching or red, irritated skin.

If you do find fleas on your pets or in your home, it’s important to treat the infestation promptly to prevent it from spreading and causing further discomfort for both your pets and yourself. Call Safe Earth, for a fast and effective cure to any flea infestations.

Rowlett Cockroach mayhem

Cockroach on a windowCockroaches are known to carry bacteria and allergens, and their presence can trigger asthma and allergies. Maintaining a clean property, fixing leaks, and sealing entry points can help minimize the risk of cockroach infestations.

In addition to the health risks they pose, cockroach infestations can also be a nuisance and impact the overall quality of life in a property. These pests can damage food, contaminate surfaces, and leave behind an unpleasant odor. Furthermore, their rapid reproduction cycle means that a small infestation can quickly escalate into a larger and more difficult problem to control. Regular inspections, proper sanitation practices, and prompt professional intervention are crucial in preventing and addressing cockroach infestations effectively.

Rowlett Wasp Control

Finally, wasps can be aggressive and their stings can cause allergic reactions. DIY wasp control can be risky, so it’s best to rely on professional services that offer expertise, effective treatment methods, and prioritize safety and the environment.

Professional wasp control services have the knowledge and experience to identify the specific type of wasp infestation and devise an appropriate treatment plan. They use specialized equipment and insecticides that are effective in eliminating the wasp nests and preventing future infestations. Additionally, professional services prioritize safety by taking necessary precautions to protect themselves, the property, and the environment. By relying on professional services, you can ensure a thorough and safe removal of wasp nests, providing peace of mind and a wasp-free environment. Protect your property and well-being by addressing these wasp control issues with Safe Earth pest control services in Rowlett, TX.

Effective Pest Control Methods

For effective pest control methods, choose a service that utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to maintain a healthier, pest-free environment. Look for a pest control company that offers various programs such as monthly, quarterly, low-impact, and integrated pest management services. These programs are designed to cater to your specific needs and ensure long-term pest control.

A reliable pest control service will provide perimeter protection and general treatments for all interior rooms as needed, cracks and crevices, pipe voids, window sills, and door frames. This comprehensive approach ensures that pests are eliminated from every corner of your property. Additionally, a reputable pest control company will include a free warranty if any issues need to be addressed in the future.

Whether you require a monthly, quarterly service or a customized treatment plan, make sure to choose a pest control service that offers flexible options to suit your preferences. By selecting a service that utilizes advanced techniques and offers comprehensive solutions, you can rest assured that your pest control needs will be effectively addressed by us. Contact us here or call us today! 214-321-2847

Importance of Professional Pest Control

Professional pest control services play a crucial role in effectively managing and controlling insect populations, both indoors and outdoors. By hiring professionals, you can ensure that your property is protected from pests and that potential risks are minimized.

The guaranteed and hassle-free services provided by professional pest control companies offer peace of mind to property owners. These services not only focus on eliminating pests but also aim to create a safe environment by using lower-toxic options and minimizing exposure to products.

In addition, professional pest control helps in mitigating risks and complying with regulations and health codes. By preventing diseases and contaminants, it ensures the well-being of both home and business owners.

Customized pest management plans, tailored to the specific needs of each client, are designed to provide effective and long-term pest control solutions. This helps in protecting your property and inventory from damage caused by pests.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solutions

Pest control guyWith a focus on minimizing product exposure and providing targeted solutions, customized pest management plans seamlessly transition into eco-friendly pest control solutions. These solutions aim to minimize the use of harsh chemicals and prioritize lower-toxic options.

By implementing preventative measures such as sealing entry points and eliminating breeding sites, eco-friendly pest control can be achieved. Not only does this approach help maintain a safe environment for homes and businesses, but it also ensures the preservation of beneficial insects.

Professional pest control companies are equipped to provide customized plans that cater to specific needs, with a strong emphasis on eco-friendly methods and products. Family-owned pest control companies, in particular, are known for their hassle-free services and commitment to customer satisfaction, none more than Safe Earth Pest Control. 214-321-2847

Safe Earth Pest Control

Locally Owned and Family Operated Pest Control Company in Rockwall and Rowlett

We provide your home or business with exceptional pest control services with affordable quarterly packages. With the owner having started his first service business over 40 years ago and the team entomologist having over 50 years’ experience alone, we can safely say we have you covered. Safe Earth Pest Control leads the way in customer service, reasonable prices and appreciation for your time and schedule.

We will treat your home like it was ours!

Other Great Services

We offer exceptional pest control services at reasonable rates for residential and commercial properties in Rockwall, Texas, and surrounding areas, including Rowlett, Royce City, Fate, Forney, Heath, McClendon Chisholm, Terrell, and others. Whether you have a home invasion of ants, a family of rats setting up home in your attic, or your business is being overrun by cockroaches, we can make it all go away. And never come back!

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Our local exterminators know everything there is to know about local pests! Let us help you deal with all the common pests in Rockwall, Texas, and surrounds, including ants, termites, rodents, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, and more. No matter what the pest or how big the problem, we will develop a treatment plan designed specifically for the species, degree of infestation, and your particular property, budget and schedule. A pest-free environment, and a smile on your face, is our end goal.

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Reviews from our Happy Clients

Great company & even better people. 180° Turn around on my lawn. Greener, thicker & the Dallas grass is going away. Always on time and responsive to any questions I have. They care about the job that they do and take pride in making sure it is done right. They also handle our pest and rodent control and we have seen a dramatic decrease in bugs in and around our house.
Sean Hill
Safe Earth Pest Control has been taking care of our Pest and Mosquito Control for about a year now. The technician is most polite, trustworthy and knowledgeable. We have been extremely pleased with the services provided. Would highly recommend this company. 5 Stars!
Kelly Denning
Our lawn is infested with Army Worms, so I called and left a voicemail Saturday evening and a truck showed up on Monday to spray. I appreciate the excellent and immediate service. Very happy.
Karey Keenan
I called Safe Earth because for some reason I saw an influx of water bugs. They said I was slightly out of the area they service however Bob (The Owner) said he would get somebody out to help. They showed up when they said they would, and charged what they initially quoted which is rare these days. They treated the house both inside and out. That was over a week and a half ago and I haven’t seen a single water bug since. They are very reasonably priced and the techs were professional and courteous. They didn’t try to up-sell me on a bunch of unneeded products. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of pest remediation (Kids not included).
Michael Jones
Company’s like this are hard to find. Five stars all the way!! Incredibly good at what they do! I would recommend this company to anyone looking for the best of the best. I wish this company would go public… I would buy every bit of stock I could of it! From the management to the workers, absolutely amazing! Dream big, accomplishment bigger! That’s what they do day in and day out!
James Rutledge
This company came out quick and took care of my ant problem like it was nothing! They said it might take a few months, but I saw results immediately. The chemicals they use are supposed to be safe for pets, too. The two gentlemen who visited my home were both very polite and thorough. I will keep a contract with them going forward foe sure.
Danea Sears
These guys were great. I wanted to wait until a few weeks after we received treatment to leave a review. It takes a bit to work, like anything else, but I have started to see the results. We were not happy with the company we were using and set out to find someone new. These guys came highly recommended and did not disappoint. I was very pleased in their willingness and ability to answer all my questions/concerns. Found my go to pest control company!
Lauren Allen
Company’s like this are hard to find. Five stars all the way!! Incredibly good at what they do! I would recommend this company to anyone looking for the best of the best. I wish this company would go public… I would buy every bit of stock I could of it! From the management to the workers, absolutely amazing! Dream big, accomplishment bigger! That’s what they do day in and day out!
James Rutledge
Bob is great. He spends time telling you about the services they offer and what is covered as well as the warranty. They have done my initial insect control and 30 day follow up. The only bugs I have seen are dead ones, which is good. Now using them for my yard as well. Includes weed and insect control. Highly recommend this local company!
Julie Hunter
Bob was GREAT! We were very pleased with our service and he even let us know a couple of things that were wrong on the outside of our house that we didn’t notice because we are new home owners. Because of that we were able to immediately put in a warranty with our builder to have it fixed. I 100% recommend!! The bugs were killed immediately and he hasn’t even come back for the 30 day spray yet and we are STILL finding dead bugs. Definitely makes me feel more at ease.
Whitney Paige
I’ve known and used Safe Earth for almost 2 years now. When the owner, Bob, comes to your home and spends time explaining the various different treatment options they offer, is incredible! Most other companies just try to sell you a generic package, but not Safe Earth. Since we started using Safe Earth they have taken care of all bugs. We live in the country and have a descent amount of bugs, but never in or around our home. Thank You Safe Earth!! We highly recommended them!!
Steve Roberts
This is an absolutely amazing company! They have jumped into action when needed for bigger pest needs, and I have also had their indoor and outdoor bug control for a couple of years now. I’ve never been disappointed or left with a problem they can’t fix. Thank you so much for your outstanding service, Safe Earth!
Stephanie Hoffman
We’ve been using Safe Earth for several months now and We can’t believe how much better looking our lawn looks. We got their name from another neighbor who has an amazing looking lawn as well. We highly recommend their Weed and Feed lawn service.
J. Shutter
I called them after discovering a bee hive in my backyard and we have pets who love being out in the backyard. They were so thoughtful of that and got to us quickly, despite a crazy busy schedule. They took all the precautions needed and the prices are so very reasonable. Absolutely loved the prompt service and attention to detail. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
Anjali Pillai
I’ve used Bob’s services for over three years now. He’s very trustworthy, I know he does an excellent job and is priced well. He is very knowledgeable and I like that they’re a family oriented company, which is rare nowadays. Highly recommended!
Andrew Perez
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