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Do you have a sudden pest infestation in your property and need pest control solutions in Dexter, Mi? At Community Pest Solutions, we offer one-time, annual, and preventative pest control plans to suit the climates and pests common in Michigan. Call our pest control team now to find out more about our services.

What are some common wasps in Michigan?

Wasp infestations can be quite scary in addition to being inconvenient. Some species of wasps are frequent in Michigan, such as the Yellow Jackets. Wasps can be more of a nuisance than bees because unlike bees, wasps can sting you repeatedly without damage to their strong stingers.

Yellowjackets tend to be quite aggressive, and though they usually nest outside, they can also nest in voids in walls. They can damage the drywall and enter living spaces too. While in general, wasp bites aren’t lethal, they can cause allergic reactions in some people, which could lead to severe health conditions that need hospitalization.

Another scary thing about wasps is that they are also quite social and defensive, so it is dangerous to remove their nests or kill them. Corpses of wasps send a pheromone that alerts other wasps to come in a swarm and attack you (or any threat to them). Hence, it is better to call a pest control company if you discover a nest or find several wasps in your house or living areas.

Dealing with rodent infestations

Rodents are not only a hassle to deal with, but they have unhygienic habits and could be carriers of serious diseases. Signs of a rodent problem include holes or structural damages to your walls or ceilings, and, if they have a nest, you’ll hear loud screeching noises.

They most often access your walls through gaps or crevices on the outside and work their way inside the house. They can also penetrate your home through open windows, doors, and gaps in floorboards. If you have a severe mouse infestation, contact us as we provide pest control solutions in Dexter, Mi.

You’ll also frequently see tiny rodent droppings black oval-shaped feces. These can be dangerous as they can harbor hazardous disease-carrying pathogens that could enter your body through open wounds. Poison and mouse traps are suitable for treating few rodents, but if you fear you have a nest, it’s best to contact an exterminator.

How do I find reputable pest control?

There’s no substitute for thorough research. Ask your circle of friends, family, or even your workplace since companies often do both residential and commercial pest control. Contact your shortlisted companies to find out about their license, pesticides they use and some past clients you can call.

Find one in your location, so that they can get to you faster if there’s an urgent situation. Nearby companies will also have more experience with local pests.

Look for pest control solutions in Dexter, Mi? Call us at Community Pest Solutions; we cater to both residential and commercial clients.

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