These flat bodied insects are more of a nuisance than damaging. Red shoulder bugs are a relative to the Boxelder bug and often are mistaken for each other.

Red shoulder bugs get their name because of the markings on their “shoulders”. They’re black in color and have a red-orange marking just behind their head on their “shoulders”. They reach 1/2” in length and the nymphs develop wings going into the adult phase of their life and can sometimes be seen flying towards outdoor lights at night.

When the weather gets cooler, you may see these insects heading indoors for the winter months. They can often be found hiding in your attic, foundation crevices and within the voids of your walls.

Once the weather warms up, the red shoulder bugs move out of your home and into your yard. You’ll find them on trees, plants and in lawn debris sucking on the sap from the trees and plants.

Even though they nest in your trees and plants, they are not damaging or harmful to foliage or humans. They will, however, lay their eggs within the crevices of the tree bark and hatch 2 weeks later. These nymphs are easier to control with proper treatment since they haven’t developed their wings yet.

Now is the time, as the weather is warming up, to start a treatment plan on getting rid of your pesky insects. Whether it’s ants, spiders, silverfish or red shoulder bugs, call us today to get started. 214-321-2847