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Rockwall Pest Control

Rockwall pest control is a primary service area for Safe Earth Pest Control. We service residential and commercial accounts in Rockwall. Our Rockwall pest control service will apply an invisible barrier that helps seal pests out of the structure of your home or business.

We use the best products and spare no expense to provide the best treatment and service around for a more reasonable price than our competitors. Quarterly services come with a warranty and piece of mind that we are at your beck and call!

Safe Earth Pest Control leads the way in customer service and reasonable prices in Rockwall residential pest control. We can rid you of pest at home with the proper treatment interval. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, the most common quarterly treatments, and annual plans. Depending on the level of infestation we will help you decide what is the most economical and effective treatment plan. We are here for you to keep the pest away from your residence and family at a reasonable rate. You will get an initial “cleanout” treatment and then 30 days later the first installment of your residential pest control plan. This insures we get all the pest still lingering with a rapid second treatment. We spend more time and are attentive to more detail than most other companies. Please scroll down for what’s included in our options.

Call us for a Free Estimate

Call us for a Free Estimate

Call us for a Free Estimate

Residential Pest Control Service Options

SILVER Level Pest Control

Quarterly (Seasonal) Treatments

  • 5 General Pest Treatments (Includes 1 initial treatment)
  • 5 Thorough Inspections
  • 5 Quarterly Perimeter Sprays
  • 5 Quarterly Eave Sprays
  • 1 Fire Ant Treatment
  • 1 – 20% Off Single Mosquito Treatment Coupon

GOLD Level Pest Control

Bi-Monthly Treatments

  • 7 General Pest Treatments (Includes 1 initial treatment)
  • 7 Thorough Inspections
  • 7 Perimeter Sprays
  • 7 Eave Sprays
  • 2 Fire Ant Treatments
  • 1 – 50% Off Single Mosquito Treatment Coupon

PLATINUM Level Pest Control

Monthly Treatments

  • 12 General Pest Treatments
  • 12 Thorough Inspections
  • 12 Perimeter Sprays
  • 12 Eave Sprays
  • 4 Fire Ant Treatments
  • 1 – Free Mosquito Treatment Coupon

Initial Interior Pest Control Service:

  • We will inspect for and remove all spider webs we see
  • We will residual dust all openings to plumbing voids, under sinks etc
  • Interior chemical application will only be applied with a synthetic chemical derived from a chrysanthemum plant
  • Glue boards for insect mentoring will be placed in the garage and other possible locations

Initial Outside Pest Control Service:

  • All weep holes will be treated with residual dust
  • All reachable spider webs will be removed
  • A residual and/or microencapsulated spray and/or granules will treat the perimeter of the house
  • We will spray all driveway and sidewalk cracks to prevent a highway for insects and ants
  • Treat any bushes and plants close to the perimeter
  • Service any rodent traps around the perimeter
  • On the return service all of the above will be retreated and or checked. We do not dust every time for example because it last months or years

All service is warranted between treatments for the period of the agreement.

Rockwall Pest Control Common Pest

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Bed Bugs



German Cockroach








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