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Rodent Control Orange County

Rodents are a source of disease and dirt. They cause damage to homes and other structures, and they can be difficult to remove. Once rodents enter your home and find a place to nest, you may have a hard time getting them out. You need professional rodent control in Orange County.

How Do Rodents Get Into My House?

Rodents are incredibly smart, and they can fit into tiny areas. Rodents get into your house in many different areas such as the crawl space, garage, attic, siding, and more. They can chew through all types of substances including wood, plastic, drywall, aluminum, sheetrock and soft metals. Rats can crawl through spaces that are as small as the size of a nickel. Rats typically enter a dwelling looking for a place to nest. They can have up to about ten pups per litter, and they can have as many as ten litters a year. This means that you could end up with a severe rodent infestation in a short period. It is essential to seek expert rodent control in Orange County.

Rodent Control in Orange County

There are two parts to successful rodent control in Orange County. First, you need to eradicate the infestation and then stop them from entering the dwelling. These are both rather tricky tasks to take on without help from a professional pest control company. We trap and kill or remove all rodents from your home. Then, we seal all possible points of entry around your entire house. We use construction materials such as wire and mortar and metal flashing to create a barrier around your entire home. We cut off the food and water supply, so rats have no reason to be inside your home.

How Do You Clean the Attic After A Rodent Infestation?

Rodents are filthy and carry a lot of diseases. They leave behind feces and urine, saliva, nesting materials and pieces of chewed wood and debris from your home. If they get into the attic, they can ruin the insulation. Part of rodent control in Orange County is cleaning up the dirt that rats leave behind. You don’t want your family to get sick or your home to smell from rodents.  Our professional team will inspect the points where rodents may enter your attic and take steps to close them. We bag up infested insulation, vacuum dropping, and debris and seal rodent entry points. We wipe down the area with sanitizer and use an odor encapsulated enzyme to remove odors.

Call Pacific Pest Control

At Pacific Pest Control, we have the experience and expertise to get rid of every rodent infestation. We don’t stop until we know that we sealed every potential place that rodents could get into your home. If you think you may have rodents, call us today for an inspection. We will perform a complete examination and give you a full report of the situation, along with a proposal for action. Contact us today to request a quote.

Rodent Control Orange County
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