When things go bump in the night, the last thing you might expect it to be is a rat in the attic.

Roof rats are no strangers to Texas. With the growing population and community sub-divisions popping up, these rats are finding new homes within yours. This type of rodent is often found outside in trees, wood piles and vegetation away from harms way. But, when new construction begins and disturbs their nest, they seek alternative shelter in your attic or crawl spaces.

Roof rats are great climbers and prefer living in higher locations, making trees and attics prime nesting areas. They crawl through tiny openings within the eaves or roof of your home. Some can even squeeze their way through a nickel size opening. This makes it difficult to seal all holes within your home.

Most rodents are nocturnal animals and roof rats are among the night life. Scrounging for food at night and sleeping during the day, sounds like a teenager on summer break but in reality, it is these disease carrying rodents.

They not only can carry diseases they also can damage your property.

Roof rats are known to chew or tunnel through walls, gnaw on wiring or pipes, eat at wood or boxes and create structural damage to your home all while multiplying their colony. Rodents can multiply at an incredible rate. Producing up to 6 litters a year with 6-8 babies at a time, adds up to an infestation fast.

To help eliminate roof rats entering your home:

  1. Keep trees and limbs trimmed away from home/roof
  2. Clean debris in lawn
  3. Keep wood piles away from structures
  4. Keep food tightly sealed
  5. Repair any cracks or holes
  6. Hire a professional

So, if you’re hearing the pitter patter or bumps in the night coming from your attic, contact Safe Earth Pest Control today. We have a treatment plan that’s just right for you. 214-321-2847