Rooftop Commercial Landscape Miami FL

Roof Commercial Landscape Miami FL


With a couple of astute techniques, like growing planting, screening nearby structures, and expanding outdoor living space, the rooftop terrace can feel bigger and cozier. Several rooftop gardens have amazing designs that aid relaxation and comfort. It’s in your best interest to upgrade your rooftop garden design.  However, creating a luxury rooftop terrace requires expertise and certain tricks; therefore, you will require the services of a rooftop landscape designer to remodel your rooftop. This implies accomplishing more than putting out a folding chair and throwing in the towel. We have compiled some of the basic design tricks for your luxury rooftop terrace. They are

Illuminate the Rooftop

Give yourself a lot of light for late-night home bases by introducing an outside pendant. If you’re leasing, go for string lights or outside lamps. Increase the time you spend on your rooftop terrace by introducing external landscape lighting or essentially hanging a couple of bungling strands of bistro lights.

Plant Flowers

You might not have space for a Jacuzzi or bar; however, there should be space for flowers. The planting of flowers serves as a decorative mechanism and increases the liveliness of the rooftop.


Install a Garden

The presence of a garden on the housetop gives a sensation of quiet and harmony while improving the general decor of your home. Rather than simply growing grass, this frequently causes rooftop issues and dampness, attempt to get a Zen garden. Also known as ‘rock’ or ‘dry’ landscape gardens, they tidy up the appearance of the terrace with an amicable equilibrium of rock, stones, bushes, plants, and grass.


Firmly stuffed structures in the core of a city are regularly an impediment to use. Fencing the terrace with wooden braces and other regular materials can give the zone a warm and comfortable inclination without it being excessively prohibitive.

Convert it into a jacuzzi region

Convert the porch into a make-shift spa with a hot tub or a Jacuzzi. The wooden ground surface around the tub will serve as a deck where you can put an ocean side seat or toss a few pads to laze around. This will improve the serene of the rooftop, making it a relaxation center.

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Contact us for your landscape design needs

An aesthetically pleasing landscape not only promotes calm and serenity but also adds to the value of your home. However, aesthetics shouldn’t be your only consideration during landscape design. You also have to consider the functionality, among other factors.

That’s why you need the services of a luxury landscape design company with ample experience and a sterling reputation for giving the best always. Vincent Filigenzi Design is one such company, and we’re ready to take care of all your landscaping needs. Contact us at 786-346-8909, and we’ll be glad to discuss how we can help. 


Rooftop Commercial Landscape Miami FL

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Rooftop Commercial Landscape Miami FL

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